Erin Go Braugh at These Oak Lawn Pubs: Patch Picks

You don't have to leave Oak Lawn to experience a bit of the Emerald Isle on St. Patrick's Day.

Come join the Irish Fest on the South Side, where the favorite ball clubs are the Go-Go White Sox and whoever plays the Cubs. They'll be singing their fathers' rebel songs and hoisting the Guinness to the Emerald Isle all day long on Thursday, March 17 -- the real St. Patrick's Day.

  • Featuring craft beers and Quigley’s favorite corn beef.
  • Bands and contests throughout March, including chances to win a free vacation to the Carribbean or Las Vegas.
  •  Traditional Irish Pub.
  • Corn beef and cabbage all day March 17.
  • Good brews; will dye domestics green upon request.
  • Friendly customers who will never refuse a drink.
  • Traditional Irish pub named for the owners' favorite drinking spot in Galway.
  • Great food deals.
  • Bar specialty: Beer.
  • Excellent reuben sandwiches.
  • Really friendly staff and customers.
  • Ask Mr. Carney to sing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling."

  • Massive burger
  • Beer
  • Darts and a fine jukebox.
  • Convivial Irish-American atmosphere.
  • Stimulating conversation about crab legs.
  • Irish pub, sports bar and lounge.
  • Irish games including rugby, soccer and hurling shown daily via satellite TV.
  • Dometic and imported micro-brews.
  • BJ McMahon's, 5432 W. 95th St.
  • Massive brew selection.
  • Lots of TVs playing continuous sports.
  • Reuben sandwiches and Irish garlic sausage.
  • Oak Lawn celebs.


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