It's Been A Long Freaky Week: Feedback Friday

Readers debate food, weather and social media on Oak Lawn Patch.

TGIF. It’s been a freaky long week, but we know it has been more intensely freaky for others. Time to highlight the best reader commentary on Oak Lawn Patch and Facebook. We’ve climbed to 792 Facebook likes, so be sure to tell your friends to like O-L Patch on Facebook.

‘Saskatchewan Screamer’

The National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory for a fast-moving, Canadian-driven storm

Paula Ulatoski: “Nothing screaming here in the heart of Oak Lawn...”

Oak Lawn Bill: “The [headline] scared me, I thought my ex-wife was coming back.”

‘What Do You Like Best About Paczki”

We celebrated the on Fat Tuesday

Kevin Ford: “I eat ‘em in 3 bites. One-third the calories.”

Which U.S. President Would You Most Like To Meet At A Presidents’ Day Mattress Sale?

Linda Stearns: “President Truman or Kennedy.”

Christina Finn: “Our Founding Father President George Washington RESPECTFULLY Remembering, The ‘Pillow Mom!’”

We visited with and talked about their mission of hope and kindness sewing stuffed animals and pillows for those who living on society’s fringes.

Jennifer Busk: “Wonderful work by our students! They are true examples of the compassion and conviction that was the mission of our Catherine McAuley, founder of the Mercy order. Service to the greater community remains a cornerstone of the Catholic education McAuley continues to provide to young women from across the Chicago area …”

Oak Lawn’s Smilin’ Clyde’s Hot Dogs won 'Best in Show' in our “Chowdown Showdown.”

Dave Altenberg: “How can the best dog in the village not be purchased in oak lawn??? What's with that??”

J. Quinn Mucker:  “Smilin' Clyde's. Service with a smile and a lot of snappy patter. The Dog's so good it makes you want to .... have another!”

Don't forget to weigh on who makes the Best Pepper and Egg sandwich in Oak Lawn.

Youth Baseball League President Suspended for Facebook Comment

The after a black mother called him out on a comment he made about the late singer Whitney Houston using a racial slur on his personal Facebook page. The league’s board say it would “revisit” bringing him after he completes a sensitivity training class.

OakLawnPerson: It’s so damn funny how people judge this guy by what he said on his PERSONAL Facebook [account]. No one is saying anything about the person that posted this on a site for kids to get email alerts and read this comment that was never meant for their eyes. Whitney was nothing but a damn crackhead and a waste of skin!! I wonder how many people say someone is white trash about someone cause I bet at least one of you said that. But lets continue to throw this man under the bus and forget about all the things he has done for the organization …

Elvis: “Freedom of speech is just that. He has the freedom to express his thoughts. But along with that freedom comes the consequences. You cannot have it both ways. Say what you want, but then don't be surprised when people are offended by what you post AND action is taken against what you post.”

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Nolan February 27, 2012 at 10:34 PM
Hold on, Elvis. Freedom of speech does mean that you can say what you think and/or feel without any consequences. People have the right to be offended also, but there is no discipline that can be brought against someone for speaking their mind in the U.S.


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