Goodwill to Open New Store in Lemont

Village officials confirmed Friday that a retail and donation center will open in the former Sears Harware location in August.

Goodwill Industries of Metropolitan Chicago will open a retail and donation center in later this year, village and company officials confirmed.

The 21,000-square-foot store is tentatively scheduled to open in mid-August in the former  location at 1146 State St., said Cheryl Lightholder, spokesperson for Goodwill.

"We're very excited to open a new store in Lemont, and continue our growth plan in the Chicago area," Lightholder said.

Village Administrator Ben Wehmeier confirmed Friday that representatives from Goodwill recently dropped off building plans and have been approved for all appropriate permits.

Goodwill stores sell previously donated items such as clothing, kitchen accessories and more. According to Lightholder, the garden center in the former Sears will be turned into a donation center for residents to drop off used items.

"One of the things that we're interested in is providing high-quality products at a great value, but we also promote responsible recycling of household textiles," she said.

Goodwill currently has 46 stores—26 in Illinois and 20 in Wisconsin. Lightholder said she is confident the Lemont location will be "a great addition" to the growing company. 

"It's important to look for locations that will support donations, and we think the Lemont community will certainly do that," she said. "We also look at locations where we can provide an easy, convenient way for people in that area to shop."

According to Goodwill's website, 84 percent of revenue from all retail centers go toward the company's mission of providing training, employment and supportive services for people with disabilities or disadvantages.

Lightholder said the company hires an average of 45 employees for retail stores and donation centers. Job information will become available later this summer, she said.

Goodwill's announcement comes just six months after the . The store had been open since 1996.

The village expects to have a couple of other new business announcements during its board meeting Monday night, Wehmeier said.

Marie Markowski August 25, 2012 at 04:55 PM
There's no need to say Lemont is "dumpy". It's a very nice, small village (with folks from literally ever end of the economic spectrum) struggling with issues just like every other town in the country. I'm curious, do you live/work/shop here or are you just making assumptions? If you're just making assumptions, I'd like to know what you're basing them on.
Kerry August 25, 2012 at 08:12 PM
I really hope that you are not a teacher as you dont know how to speak in an intelligent manner.
Teacher August 25, 2012 at 11:20 PM
OK. I apologize for calling lemont "dumpy" but the reasoning is behind kevin's ignirant and ill informed statements. Lemont is an average American town that happens to have goodwill store. as well as Scottsdale, as well as Naperville, etc... Lemont isn't all that and a bag a chips to be above the location of a goodwill store that people of all economic backgrounds shop at. Get over it. It's a good thing. And I was just there and you know what? Their is alot of merchandise that is new and donated from target. Oprah shops @ target. Kevin, do u have more cash than Oprah ? And yes I am a teacher teaching your youngsters :)
Nancy Botwin August 26, 2012 at 02:29 AM
Look on the bright side. This will give the two nigs that live here a place to shop!
Brigita Augytė October 19, 2012 at 07:00 PM
@Nancy Botwin you are a racist fuck. Seriously, go live somewhere else. I live in lockport and I now have a reason to go to Lemont. No i'm not a "nig" I'm white. You guys did a good thing, keep it up. :)


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