Photos: Little Company Moves Into New Pavilion

The hospital moved 75 patients into new private rooms. Scroll through our photo gallery to get a look inside the new digs.

Starting bright and early Wednesday morning 75 patients were moved floor-by-floor into new rooms as Little Company of Mary Hospital officially opened its new West Pavilion. 

The 300,000 square-foot addition, the hospital's largest ever, includes 118 private rooms designed to welcome family and visitors while providing a warm and comforting atmosphere. 

Janet Staib was one of the patients moved into the new rooms Wednesday morning. The former Mount Greenwood resident is undergoing cancer treatments and is a devoted patient of the hospital. 

"It went beautifully," Staib said. "Everything is private and it makes it much more relaxing. I think it helps you get well quicker."

Staib, whose three grown children were all born at the hospital, says the new color scheme, flat screen televisions and spacious rooms only improves a hospital she has always been a fan of. 

"This is my home, and it will always be my home," she said. 

Lena Bailey had quite the whirlwind over the last few days. The new mom gave birth to her son Logan on Oct. 22. Less than two days later she was faced with having to move. 

"Everything went very fast and was very comfortable," Bailey said of the trek to the new facility. 

Bailey couldn't have been happier with the hospital staff. She says the larger showers and beds that the rooms now offer were two of the first things she noticed about her new space. 

"It makes the mother and the babies feel very welcome," she said of her new surroundings. 

Marking the entrance to the Women's Center for Life and Health is a serene water wall that welcomes visitors into the community-focused center. 

Kathleen Rynne is a registered nurse in the department and has been excited to introduce her patients to the new space.

"It was very well managed and very well-received by the employees," Rynne said. 

She added that the new surroundings seems to have has a positive affect on the staff.

"It has been very energizing and we feel rejuvenated with our new home," Rynne said. 

The all private rooms feature wood accents, larger bathrooms and more space to welcome visitors. Large lounge like seating gives the rooms a warm and inviting feel. 

Artwork highlighting natural images and open nursing stations create a less intimidating hospital feel. An outdoor healing garden has also been added to the hospital grounds. 

The old Patient Tower is expected to come down next year. 


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