Tasty Tacos: Who Serves Up The Area's Best?

Patch searched for the best ground beef tacos in the Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn and Palos area in this week's edition of “Chowdown Showdown.”

Welcome to “Chowdown Showdown,” a weekly feature where we take one type of food and ask readers to nominate their favorite restaurants in Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn and Palos. 

The selected restaurants recommended by loyal Patch readers all prepared tasty tacos. We sampled each and selected a winner.

Palos Patch: This was a nicely balanced taco. The corn tortilla was fresh and the toppings added a nice contrast to the texture of the meat. I have always been a fan of El Gallo's green salsa and it was a nice addition to the dish. I like my tacos to taste fresh and these fit the bill. 4 Stars

Oak Lawn Patch: After years of carousing and eating Mexican food at 3 a.m., I burned out on this south-of-the-border cuisine. I do like tacos, however, and I liked the simplicity of this taco. I thought this taco had a nice blend of flavor with meat, cheese, tomato and spices. It was my favorite of the three, but perhaps more of an American taco than those who like stuffing soft-shelled fire into their mouths. 4.5 Stars

Evergreen Park Patch: This classic taco had very fresh toppings and bigger chunks of tomatoes, which I loved. It had a fair amount of lettuce, but just a few peppers and was lightly seasoned. The fluffy corn tortilla was the perfect wrapping for this treat. 4 Stars

Palos Patch: These tacos were the most generous with the ground beef. For me that was the most lasting impression. Jalisco serves a meaty taco. Even with the extra weight, the corn tortilla held everything in perfectly without breaking. You really felt like you were getting home cooked tacos. 4 Stars

Oak Lawn: Readers overwhelming recommended Jalisco's and I can understand why. To keep our showdown consistent, we all decided on the ground beef, although readers raved about Jalisco's shredded pork tacos. also received a lot of recommendations. I loved the generous portion of meat, which I felt was nicely spiced with a little more flare than the others. I would go back to Jalisco's for tacos. 4 stars

Evergreen Park Patch: What I loved about these tacos was that they had shredded lettuce instead of larger pieces. The lightly seasoned ground beef packed the tortilla and had a liberal amount of cheese and tomatoes. 4 Stars

Palos Patch: These were my favorite just because of the unique taste of the ground beef. The more taco places you visit, the more they start to blend together. When you run into a place that has a unique taste, you remember. For those looking for a classic ground beef taco, you might sense something is a bit different with these. I appreciated that. 5 stars

Oak Lawn Patch: This was my least favorite. One bite and I was through. 3 stars.

Evergreen Park Patch: This was definitely my favorite. I love toppings and Zaca's was generous on them. The very uniquely seasoned ground beef was topped with avacado, sour cream tomatoes, lettuce and more than enough cheese. There are only a couple of places in Evergreen Park where you can get a taco and this one, although still new in the village, came highly recommended. 5 Stars

And the winner is  . . . Zaca's of Evergreen Park. When it comes to Mexican food, most of us prefer it to be authentic, and the folks at Zaca's make it as authentic as it gets. Recently moved into the village, Zaca's is happy to make your taco any way you want it.

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northside November 09, 2012 at 11:24 PM
Don't try using a restaurant.com certificate that Zaca's made available for sale and you purchased because they don't accept them! Food's not that good anyway.


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