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Patch Readers Offer Cures for the Common Hangover

Too much to drink on New Year's Eve? Patch readers from Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park and Beverly-Mt. Greenwood recommend these surefire remedies to cure what ails ya.

If you had a little too much fun on New Year’s Eve and are paying dearly for it this morning, Patch has you covered.

We asked our Facebook fans from Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park and Beverly-Mt. Greenwood for their surefire-works-60-percent-of-the-time hangover cures. So if you're looking to ease your aching head and nausea, run down this list and find a remedy that works for you.

We've grouped them by category: Preventative, Food, Rehydration, Hair of the Dog, Over the Counter and So Odd They Might Just Work. Some of the cures use a combination of these methods.

Water was a recurring theme, as well as Gatorade and a regular Coke, preferably one from McDonald's. Pedialyte came highly recommended, but the name brand, not the generic stuff.

For over-the-counter remedies you men may want to try Midol.

The Becky Thatcher breakfast at Huck Finn Donuts? You'll start feeling normal again as soon as the butter and maple syrup hits your tummy.

So if you're stumbling upon this list from London or New York, this is the South Side of Chicago. We know a thing or two about curing hangovers. Leave your own favorite antidote in the comments.


Nancy Hornof (Oak Lawn): Don't drink. Seriously, I don't know but I do know it 's NOT cereal with milk. Someone forced me to eat it long time ago and made me sicker.

Marlo Carrano (Evergreen Park): Preventative actions....drink water chasers all night long, take a Centrum & cinnamon pill before you go to sleep. Alka seltzer when you wake up. Then Gatorade, cheesburger & fries.

Jen Theodule (Beverly-Mt. Greenwood): Be sure to alternate every drink with water. Or like I did for my birthday one year, double-fist vodka lemonade and water at the same time. Woke up perfectly fine the next day when everyone else felt awful. Also, Pedialite. Name brand not generic!

Glen Daniel Kato (Oak Lawn): drink water during your night of boozing it up. dehydration is a big part of a hangover. a big burrito suizo seems to make it all better too.

Jim Maloney (Beverly-Mt. Greenwood): Mix 2 Alka-seltzers , a package of emergency- c , and water . Drink 1 glass night of drinking and 1 glass in morning . 60% of the time, it works every time.

Kelly Devine Rickert (Beverly-Mt. Greenwood): Plenty of water and a multivitamin!

Dragana Miloradovic (Oak Lawn): Take Advil before bed and drink plenty of water. It will help! Works every time for me.


Care Stuart Herpich (Oak Lawn): The news said Asparagus or eggs r good.

Mark Ward (Beverly-Mt. Greenwood): Chicken broth...

Lynn Connolly Cervantes (Oak Lawn): Menudo for breakfast.

Stefanie Fine (Oak Lawn): 2 Advil and a Denny's (or McDonalds if you cant pull yourself together to eat in public) breakfast Happy New Year!

Dave Habdas (Oak Lawn): Uncle Sams double cheeseburger.

Jen Reece (Beverly-Mt. Greenwood): Toast, WATER(lots of it!) and asparagus.

Tracy Nickless Schorle (Oak Lawn): McDonalds egg mc muffin, regular coke, Tylenol and tums. Two Tylenol and 4 Tums before bed.

Val Demma (Oak Lawn): A Becky Thatcher breakfast from Huck Finn.

Camie Gamino O'Shea (Oak Lawn): eat cucumbers before bed!!


Bob Bator (Oak Lawn): Eat something and drink lots of Gatorade before going to bed.

Kris Scott (Oak Lawn): Water water water! Pop from a fountain...extra carbonation. Yoir FAV greasy food!

Marisa Centano (Oak Lawn): Drink a ton of water i mean a ton of water BEFORE YOU PASS OUT!!!Trust me! it helps! When you drink you are dehydrating yourself...so reydrate yourself and the headach wont exist! it works every time! 

Kerry Bailey (Oak Lawn): Pedialyte, which yes, is for kids but is one of the BEST remedies for a hangover next to Gatorade.

Melanie Wisniewski Schultz (Oak Lawn): Gatorade and ibuprofen

Hair of the Dog

Mark Dynia (Oak Lawn): Hair of the dog.

Jeph Williams (Oak Lawn): Keep drinking!

Erin Nicole Petersen (Evergreen Park): Lotsa water before bed, along with something to eat to soak up the poison (like pizza!!!) and a couple aspirins and vitamin b6s. Sleep at least 4 hours. Wake for a mimosa or Bloody Mary and toast!

Patrick Ashe (Beverly-Mt. Greenwood): Drinking bloody mary's.

Over the Counter

Beverly Prince Moss (Oak Lawn): One thing that is proven for me is two Tylenol five hours BEFORE you go out followed by two Tylenol PM right before you hit the floor and then two Tylenol at least 5 hours later or as soon as you wake up. LOTS OF WATER!!! Alcohol dehydrates you! 222 plus H2O!!!!!! Never fails!!

Marty Johnson (Beverly-Mt. Greenwood): Alka-Seltzer Cold... try it! 

Jamie Marie Stahulak (Oak Lawn): French Fries from Rosie's and a Large Coke from McDonalds (must b the big straw)!

Krista Anderson Ryan (Oak Lawn): Vitamin B supplements and tons of water before drinking and morning after. 5 hour energy works great too (B vitamins and caffeine). Also Midol the next day (for ladies and men). And keep moving, don't just sit on the couch all day (maybe just part of the day).

So Odd They Might Just Work

Angela Lanning (Oak Lawn): A tablespoon full of pure honey before bed!! Did it all the time and always worked!!! Learned from my friend who family drinks all the time!!!!

Resa Reifon (Oak Lawn): Pickle juice rehydrates the best!!

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STM January 01, 2013 at 01:32 PM
My suggestion for the the best cure for a hangover is..........don't drink. But as I said before, without a hangover, the next day you are going to feel the same way all day. If you have a hangover, you will feel better and better as the day goes on. You will have something to look foreward to. So ,I feel sorry for people that don't drink.
All About Love January 01, 2013 at 05:39 PM
5 years sober and still remember. when you get up early to empty your bladder, drink 3 to 4 more of your cocktails , then go back to bed for 2 to 3 hours. worked for 25 years. although most recovering addicts say don't drink, I say ENJOY, HAVE FUN, DON'T FIGHT ABOUT CHICAGO SPORTS{sox'vs'cubs}, OR POLITICS, AND PLEASE....DON'T DRIVE... Be responsible,and follow the laws. I was blessed by never getting a DUI, but that has to be the worst hangover, headache, and costly celebratingthat has no morning cure...Be safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR...
Alan Jackson January 01, 2013 at 08:03 PM
Yes, could not agree more with Jackovac's cure!
Joe Kocur December 26, 2013 at 10:07 PM
Forget about the hangover. The real problem is how are you going to get the pig you scraped up at brew bakers to leave. Enjoy. Happy new year.


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