300: Rise of a Perfect Game for Monica Biliskov

Local woman rolls a 300 at El-Mar Bowl in Bridgeview.

How many bowlers do you know who've bowled a 300 game? If you know Monica Biliskov of Chicago, you know one more. For the first time in her life, she bowled an official 300 game on March 12 at El-Mar Bowl in Bridgeview.

Her feat won her a ton of accolades from friends and family on her Facebook page that night.

"We get a lot of women who do come close, who shoot 279, 280 and 290s," El-Mar owner and manager Janice Zelensky told Southtown columnist Tony Baranek. "But to string 12 (strikes) you get up there and your knees are knocking and your adrenaline is going. It’s scary.

"I’ll be honest, though. I’ve been thinking that she would be the (next woman) who would do it."

Biliskov, 40, a Queen of Peace High School graduate, has been bowling at El-Mar for 18 years.

"My friends were like, 'Really? Did you have do it like you were in a movie?’ I was just like, ‘Hah, hah,’ " Biliskov said. "It was pretty exciting."

Want to know more? Read Tony Baranek's feature on SunTimes.com


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