Bloom Township to Fire Victim: 'We Failed You'

The Township, along with several churches and Heights residents, has begun helping the mother of two get back on her feet.

More than a week ago, Christianna Carrell .

Two days ago, the community learned about the 27-year-old former certified nursing assistant's .

Christianna spoke of a trip to the , where she was given a stack of paperwork and asked to provide documentation she no longer had. She was desperately in need of clothes for herself and her daughters, money and a new home.

The same day Patch reported on her difficulties, Christianna's luck improved.

Monday evening Christianna said Bloom Township had apologized for not being more helpful and gave her more than $1,000 in assistance.

"The supervisor and administrator said to me, 'We failed you as service for people that need help,'" Christianna recalled.

That same day, Christianna received two gas cards and two vouchers for food and household supplies, as well as rental assistance when she finds a place to live.

The Township isn't the only source of assistance Christianna and her family have seen in the past two days. Several Chicago Heights residents gave her bags of clothing. So much so, she has had to turn down a few offers.

"I'm very grateful. I just don't have anywhere to put them," Christianna said. "I'm getting to the point where now I have to buy Rubbermaids (storage totes)."

Christianna's children also have received help from , where her girls attend school. Every day the school has sent bags of supplies, along with uniforms and towels.

Several churches also reached out to help Christianna and her family, including in Chicago Heights, as well as and in Tinley Park.

Finally, Christianna said she has gotten a lot of calls and emails from clubs at , which may have been thanks to Bloom staff member Amy Browne Stockwell, who vowed to alert the clubs of the Carrells' situation.

The mother of two said she can't thank the community enough for coming together and providing help.

"I wish I could thank every single person for the support, for the words of encouragement, for the prayers, for thinking of me and my children during such a devastating time," Christianna said, adding that her daughters have been in good spirits  and are doing well in school.

Christianna is still looking for a home. If you have any tips or ways to help her, please send an email to mscarrell@gmail.com or give her a call at 708-638-6204

Arthur W. Wiggins Jr. September 21, 2011 at 11:32 AM
After reading the first two articles about Christianna I was concerned she may have went the route so many people displaced by disaster, homeless. I am glad T.J. got her some financial support to re-start. Good Luck Christianna, there is a whole community praying for you.
cornell hudson September 21, 2011 at 03:09 PM
Contact South Suburban PADS for housing assistance.
Anaya Hughes September 21, 2011 at 04:58 PM
I am so glad to hear that she is getting the help that she and he family needs! This is totally encouraging, because as Mr. Wiggins has shared, there are so many people displaced by such disaster.
tashia wright September 21, 2011 at 11:28 PM
I'm praying for you and the family I will be emailing you when I come up with leads for Housing


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