NAMES IN THE NEWS: People To Watch In Oak Lawn, May 20

Trustee Tom Duhig serves on the Oak Lawn Village Board. Noel Roberts captures pets' souls in his paintings and pastels. And Marist High School's Class of 2012 makes the future seem brighter.

'Be Wary'

Oak Lawn Trustee Tom Duhig is one of the quieter village board members sitting on the dais. When he does chime in, he delivery is droll. After sitting through a Duhig compared it to the Obama Healthcare Plan.


“If you remember how it was presented to Congress, it was 'read 1,500 pages and vote on it in two days,'” Duhig said. “It was sort of the same kind of approach used on the Planning and Development Commission.”

Duhig wanedpresented by Advocate Christ for its $600 medical campus expansion

 “There are a lot of hidden costs that we’re dealing with and trying to get our hands on,” he said. “I’m not convinced we have a good plan in place.”

The village has submitted a list of its infrastructural concerns to Advocate before the plan commission recommends the plans for approval by village trustees.

'No Two Golden Retrievers Are Alike'

Noel Roberts captures the souls of pets in his paintings and pastels. The Oak Lawn man has been interested in art since he was a kid growing up in Back of the Yards, but didn’t want to pursue art as a career because “I didn’t want to be a starving artist.” After 30 years in the information technology industry, he lost his most recent job as a program analyst after a decade with the company. He decided to take the chance and see if couldn’t turn his art into a business. Roberts works on canvas, paper, walls and glass, using oils, acrylics and watercolors. His favorite subjects are dogs and cats. He says no two Golden retrievers—or any breed of pup for that matter—are alike when he paints them.

Congratulations, Marist Graduates

The Marist High School Class of 2012 graduated last Thursday and in the words of a Marist teacher, “the future looks very, very bright.” Hundreds of Marist seniors made their families proud as they marched across the stage and accepted their high school diplomas. The evening was capped off with Marist graduates’ traditional toss of their mortarboards.

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