Let the Politics Begin, Hooters and Jenny McCarthy

Top reader comments, Oct. 17-Oct. 22.

It was another busy week in Oak Lawn and readers had plenty to say about it. Thanks to all the loyal readers who took time to comment on the stories in Oak Lawn Patch. Make sure to tell your friends about Oak Lawn Patch and to like us on Facebook.

Server Says Customer Got Fresh At Hooters

“You know the saying about these guys.." The only butt they'll ever get is when they stick their hand in their own back pocket and squeeze!!!” – Pat F

“I'm not blaming the victim, but women who go to work for Hooters know what kind of place it is. Should they have to endure this behavior? No. Should they expect it? Common sense says yes.” – CJM

“I am writing this because I was a Hooter Girl for a year and I loved my job, but there were people that were against me working there and put a label on me as though I was a "bad girl", people who know me know that I'm the exact opposite. Now, I will say that I had a few instances with uncomfortable situations, but for working there a year, there were less than a handful ... I did have a situation where three customers at the same table tried to grab one of my girls butt, I saw it and she was very uncomfortable with them. The three individuals were WOMEN!” – RRF

Mean Girls: Jenny McCarthy's High School Days


“I went to McAuley in the early 80s and NEVER saw anyone bullied. I was not rich nor was I from Beverly ... McAuley has always been a target for negative accusations because it is the best girls school on the South Side.” – Peg

“I went to school with Jenny - she was a year behind me. The girls at McAuley could be brutal. My dad was a carpenter and we were not as well-to-do as some of the daughters of doctors, lawyers, and business owners. Bullying was rampant at McAuley when I was there.” – Michelle

“No one would know who Jenny McCarthy is if she didn't attend McAuley. If she had attended the local public school say Argo would anyone care about her? She has based her entire talentless career on the fact that she attended McAuley.” – RHLW

‘This Is Nothing Short of Serious, Hardball Politics’

“Ms. Jurcev's actions left the door wide open for these types of accusations, and, after all, we are dealing with politicians here on both sides. The fact that the petition was dirty turned out to be a hanging slider to those at bat in this political battle. And Mr. Streit's team connected, and sent it out of the park.” – OakLawnGuy

Village Officials: ‘Justice Has Been Served’

“[It’s] especially inappropriate for elected officials to make comments like this now that there is an active criminal case. We don’t know if the accused is guilty and this is not the time for political leaders to make veiled accusations related to the prosecution.” Jim Vondracek

“I'm with the Pro-Oak Lawn group. I'm very tired of all of the boys bickering. I would like to see the Mayor and all of the trustees put aside their personal ambitions and work together for the good of Oak Lawn. That means stopping the bickering and innuendo both at the meetings and outside of the meetings. That also means stopping the positioning for the next election.” Oak Lawn Gal


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