VORDERER: Dist. 4 Needs A Plan To Address Hospital Expansion

Oak Lawn trustee candidate Terry Vorderer says current trustee has failed to outline a plan addressing Dist. 4's concerns about Advocate Christ Medical Center.


With your vote on April 9, you will be choosing a trustee for Dist. 4. Christ Hospital and its expansion is a major issue for Dist. 4 and certainly even more for the residents that live in its shadow. I, too, live within two blocks of its front door, so I am well aware of its impact on our neighborhood. 

It is my opinion that our current trustee has failed to address many of our concerns with the hospital. He may argue that he has worked to effect change,  but I suggest he has failed to accomplish change. 

No individual politician controls the agenda. To be effective, a trustee needs to understand that there are many others involved in the process that also have ideas and concerns. In order to accomplish the objectives of the community, he has to work with those who share the power base. Our current trustee has alienated himself, not only from that majority of his elected officials, but it is my understanding, from those who represent the hospital. 

Our current trustee has had four years and I ask you. What has happened?  The hospital has almost doubled in size, impact fees have failed, and no plan is in place to address Dist. 4’s concerns.

This is a three-person election for position of Dist. 4 trustee. Mayor Heilmann’s candidate has an undeniable conflict of interest as he holds a position as a Christ Hospital Board member. So, it is unclear whose interests he will represent, Christ Hospital or Dist. 4?

The hospital is a great asset to this community. I contend I am better positioned to represent Dist. 4, and the interests of its citizens. As your trustee, I will be sure to use my given responsibility to advocate for Dist. 4, and negotiate responsible and equitable agreements that serve to consider the neighborhood concerns.

Also, I will make myself available to hear and address your concerns.

Terry Vorderer is running as an independent for Dist. 4 trustee on the Oak Lawn Village Board. For more information about Terry read his Patch questionnaire on Election Central 2013.

Glad ur gone April 06, 2013 at 11:54 PM
RG, I know Mr.Reilly personally and the Patient review board he is on, is a volunteer committee that a dozen other people are on. He is not on the board of directors that everybody thinks he his, he is a good man that gives back every month volunteering his time and has been for the last 10 years. Terry what have you done, when it not an election year.
Linda April 07, 2013 at 03:06 AM
I sincerely respect Tim Reilly and the volunteer work that he does. He is a good man. You ask what Terry has done beyond election years….well here it is.. · 6 years Park District commissioners…no pay · St. Germaine Finance committee, 10 years, 6 years as chairman ….attends all meetings. (knows how many Tim has attended.) · Oak Lawn High School District Advisory Committee · Planning committees for relief efforts for three Oak Lawn Families who experienced tragedy; one resulted in building a new home for one lost in a fire. Another saved from indebtedness, when the father died from cancer, leaving 5 small children. · Chairs the St. Germaine Golf League · St Germaine Hospitality Committee · Contributes to PADS at Salem Church · Rainbows counselor, for St Germaine…for kids who’ve experienced loss. · Boy Scout counselor, awarded for service to Troop 618; Son is an Eagle Scout · Countless others to numerous to mention. Yes, it’s true. It is difficult to compare two men’s dedication to their community. Sometimes it is a matter of opportunity. What is important is that the commitments made are met. In this case, it isn’t so much about who volunteers more. The real issue is who is more qualified. Terry is the one who has experience serving Oak Lawn residents in issues of safety, with 34 years service to the Oak Lawn Police. He knows he can serve well, and he will do what he has committed himself to doing. He has proven that.
Glad ur gone April 07, 2013 at 02:07 PM
None is these are on his website or any info he send out. I say BS.
Honestly IPO April 07, 2013 at 08:46 PM
Can you keep the gangs out of emergency room? Can you keep them out of surrounding businesses?? Can you make Oak Lawnians want to use Christ again?? I no longer use it for emergency for any family members not dieing. I was unpleasantly surprised to see my neighbors .... actually 2 families .... at Palos. Christ is not safe.
gahandle April 08, 2013 at 04:59 AM
Anyone who knows Terry will tell you that he is a kind hearted, generous man that has contributed his time to the Oak Lawn community for many more years than Mr. Reilly and Mr. Duhig combined. He has lived in Oak Lawn all of his life (except when he was serving our country) and it's in his heart to continually contribute to the community. And as Linda stated above, both Terry and Tim volunteer their time generously, but that doesn't make either one more qualified to be a Trustee than the other. Terry Vorderer has a strong police/public safety background, has served on the Oak Lawn Park District Board (a Government Agency) for 6 years, is a small business owner for over 25 years and a dependable member of the St. Germaine Finance Council for 10 years (6 of that as Chairperson). These facts are just some of the reasons that make him best suited to be the Trustee for District 4. We are lucky to have choices and of course you will vote for your friend. That's what friends do. To all of the others out there, be educated and vote smart. We live in a wonderful village. We need to elect the right people who will help make Oak Lawn become even better and keep it safe. Vote for those who have the best interest of the residents of Oak Lawn in their hearts.


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