2 South Suburban Men Drown in Lake Michigan

One tried to rescue the other during a family picnic at 31st Street Beach.

Ali Moufid of Oak Lawn
Ali Moufid of Oak Lawn

Two Moroccan immigrants, brothers-in-law living in the south suburbs, died Tuesday after one tried to rescue the other from Lake Michigan.

The men, Ali Moufid and Otmane Kassou, were attending a family outing at 31st Street Beach when Moufid went into the lake to retrieve his son's toy.

Soon, however, he was struggling and crying out for help, according to witnesses. Kassou tried to help and both disappeared beneath the water.

Chicago Police divers found the men 35 to 50 yards from shore.

"We got weather that’s right around 90, and everyone thinks the water is that warm. It’s just above 50 degrees and that’ll really zap your energy real fast," Chicago Fire Chief Mike Fox told CBS 2 Chicago.

Moufid, 36, of Oak Lawn, and Kassou, 40, of Summit, were both pronounced dead Tuesday at Mercy Hospital Medical Center.

"I don't know what to say," a friend, Ibrahim Benadada, told the Chicago Tribune. Benadada picked up Moufid from the airport when the man came here from Morocco in the 1990s. "It’s sad. You go for a picnic ... it's unbelievable."

» via Chicago Tribune


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