Attorneys Exchange Evidence in Murder Case, Mother Confronts Defendant

Attorneys on both sides in the murder case against George Kleopa, 33, who is accused of shooting his live-in girlfriend Michele Peters, are still in the pre-trial discovery phase; after a brief hearing Thursday, Oct. 4, Peters' mother confronted Kl

For the next few months, it's possible that pre-trial hearings in the murder case against George Kleopa, 33, will be as brief as the one held in a Markham courtroom on Thursday, Oct. 4 as attorneys for both sides exchange evidence and prepare their arguments.

A Chicago Heights resident, Kleopa has been accused in the March 6 fatal shooting of his live-in girlfriend and the mother of his two young sons, 30-year-old Michele Peters.

Peters was found fatally shot with a gunshot wound to the face in the Chicago Heights home she shared with Kleopa. He has pleaded not guilty to six counts of felony murder and was released from custody on $2 million bail in August.

Kleopa made his appearance in a black suit and wearing glasses in front of Cook County Judge James J. Rhodes alongside his attorney.

As with every hearing, Peters' mother Catherine Peters was in the courtroom. But this time, she waited for Kleopa after the appearance, telling Patch that she wanted to speak to him about getting Michele's things and seeing her grandchildren.

But when Catherine Peters approached Kleopa as he, his attorney and another man exited the courtroom, Kleopa only looked at her briefly and stayed silent. Kleopa's attorney quickly whispered something to Kleopa and the trio moved past Catherine Peters.

"He wouldn't talk to me," said Catherine Peters, who has taken a custody fight to claim her two young grandsons public. She said the two children, 18-month-old Alex and 7-year-old Georgie, have both been taken to live with Kleopa's sister in California. The sister has now filed for guardianship, Catherine Peters added. The next court date in the custody issue is Oct. 16, she said.

Catherine Peters said she has also been on something on a media blitz since the custody battle and the case against Kleopa have been moving forward.

"[Michele] is not gonna be pushed under rug," Catherine Peters vowed. "She is not gonna be forgotten about."

Kleopa and his attorney declined comment when approached by Patch. He is scheduled to be back in court on Nov. 20.

Lorraine Swanson April 14, 2013 at 07:40 PM
Liz, I am in contact with Mrs. Peters. If you'd like, you can email me at lorraine.swanson@patch.com and I will forward your message to her.
greg smith July 11, 2014 at 10:43 PM
To my friend George: I liked you as one of the youngest Managers I have ever known. And then I met your wife Michelle and your son George that is when I learned about George Kleopa the Man. Man with a capital 'M'. The passion and love this man displayed towards these two people was just amazing I remember having conversations about his family almost everyday while we were at work and the happiness on his face when he would talk about them. When I heard what had happened I could not believe it, but when looked it up I was just saddened. After hours of reading I feel in my heart with having history with this family and years of personal history that this was a tragic accident and I can not even fathom what this poor man is going through. I know what type of person George Kleopa is and I watch him work in very stressful situations while keeping his cool. Act as a leader under impossible circumstances and make any bad situation pleasant. That is when I learned about his kind and passionate character as a Man. Those were the facts that brought a tear of admiration to my eye for what he is going through. I have prayed day in and day out for Michelle and her sons, but also to a great person George for him staying so strong and fighting the battle for his life. God bless you sir and the truth will come out. I can only aspire to be the Man you are for going through everything you are going through. I am very sorry for that reason, I have hope that you will beat these lies and alligations written by people on many websites. You need prayers from people that really know you not liers that just want to hurt you. You've got support and prayers, every moment of every day from myself and people that are really your friends. God, if You are there, please bless my friend, George. He's one of the best I have ever met and everyone that knows him will say the same. I will tell all to speak the truth and support you friend... Your friend, Chef Greg
dave bird July 12, 2014 at 08:48 AM
hey chef greg you call me and i'll show you the real George kleopa .do you want to see what other people he worked with at other jobs think of him.want to talk to his old boss? you are full of shit.
Jane doe July 12, 2014 at 09:37 AM
Hay Greg are u kidding me!! He must have really liked u to put on such an act. I guess u weren't there to watch him treat her like garbage. He care about his sons so much huh?? Is this why he shot her in front of them? Huh but you say stand up man with a Capitol M? Men usually take care of their family emotionally and financially don't they? Cause he did neither. U should really know ur character before praising him up like u did. U really sound like u knew nothing about him.
Jane doe July 12, 2014 at 09:40 AM
By the way chef Greg u knew him so well huh?? U spelled MICHELE wrong. U know, his wife. Lol. Who was his girlfriend not wife.


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