Bizarre Note Left At Bank

Note written on paper napkin claimed letter writer's brother was being held captive in a police shed, included two money orders in amount of $99,000.

Oak Lawn police investigated a bizarre note discovered in the overnight drop box of a local bank around 9 a.m. Oct. 29, reports said.

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Employees at Chase Bank, 10440 S. Cicero Ave., said someone placed a brown paper napkin wrapped around two money gram orders in the overnight drop box. The napkin contained a note and was addressed to the Illinois State Police.

The letter writer identified herself and stated that her brother was being starved and held captive in the Crestwood Police Station shed. The letter also said that the writer was being robbed of her wealth in Sweden and alluded to a plot by police and other people to withhold her money.

Police said the money orders were each in the amount of $99,000. Both were made out to the letter writer but with different payees, including an insurance company and the Crown Government of Norway.

Chase Bank filed the report as a matter of record.

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