Burglars Hit Pizza Joint, Cellular Store on Cicero

Suspect in pizza burglary wore mismatched gloves, Oak Lawn police say.

Burglars hit two businesses on Cicero Avenue, but it was unclear if anything was taken, reports said.

Oak Lawn Police responded to a call of a breaking at Domino’s Pizza, 9022 S. Cicero Ave., around 8:21 a.m. Jan. 11.

A delivery driver called police when he noticed that a broken front window. Police said he went through the business but did not notice anything missing.

The manager arrived on the scene and immediately noticed that the cash register and touchscreen menu had been moved, reports said. At officers were speaking to the manager, another employee arrived and said that the store had been secured at closing at 1:17 a.m. the night before.

Police reviewed security video with the manager. At approximately 1:21 a.m. a large rock could be seen laying on the floor. A male white wearing a gray hoodie with with dark colored sleeves, blue track pants with a white stripe along the sides, and gym shoes, walked in through the broken window.

The man also had on a white glove and red glove. Police said he tried to open the cash register with the key left in it, but could not open it.

He jumped over the counter, picked up his rock and left through the broken window. Police said he left behind shoe impressions on the floor.

A burglar was also discovered the morning of Dec. 27 at Cellular Connection at 9621 S. Cicero Ave., reports said.

Police said the suspect entered the store by prying open the back door. The store’s safe was laying on the floor face down.

Shoe marks on the floor led from the rear door into a back room where the safe was located.

According to an employee, he entered the store around 9 a.m. to open for the business day, and noticed that the alarm would not shut off. When he saw the door open and safe laying on the floor, he called police.

Store employees did not know at the time if anything was stolen until an inventory could be taken.


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