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College Student Charged With Public Indecency

Police search leads to arrest of 18-year-old man after he allegedly exposed himself to woman in parking lot.

tracked down an 18-year-old man after a woman said he exposed himself to her in a parking lot, reports said.

Jonte Jamal Spane, 18, of the 9200 block of South Tripp Avenue, was charged with public indecency on May 6. Police said he was a student at a local college.

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The woman was walking back to her car in the Target parking lot at 4120 W. 95th St. when a dark colored Chevy Impala with a spoiler drove past her sometime after 3 p.m., police said.

According to reports, Spane rolled down his window and tilted his hips up, where the woman saw the tip of his penis outside his pants. After he drove off, the woman got back in her car and drove to the Oak Lawn police station to report the incident.

Police went back to Target and searched the parking lot but could not find anyone matching the woman’s description. Reviewing Target security video, police watched a similar-looking car drive alongside another unidentified woman.

The car slowed down and the driver rolled down the passenger window before driving away, exiting on to Keeler Avenue, reports said. Police combed the streets until they found a Chevy Impala similar to the one in the security video and the first woman's description, parked on Tripp Avenue.

While police were speaking to Spane's father, Spane came out to talk to the cops. He was taken to the police station for further investigation. There, police said, he allegedly admitted to driving around the parking lot masturbating.

Spane told police he did not mean for the women to see his penis, reports said. Police also found two large empty bottles of baby oil inside of the college student's car.

A complaint was filed against Spane for public indecency. His next court appearance is June 8 in Bridgeview.

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