Drug Dog's Nose Leads to Cocaine in Car Vent

Evergreen Park man charged with possession of a controlled substance with police K9 finds cocaine in his car, cops say.

Acting on information that drugs were possibly being sold inside an Oak Lawn tavern, police nabbed an Evergreen Park man on possession of a controlled substance after a police K9 found cocaine in the man’s car, reports said.

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Oak Lawn detectives were patrolling the area near Rita’s Stop Inn at 9825 Southwest Highway around 7:40 p.m. Sept. 27, when theynoticed a 2003 Oldsmobile Alero pull into the tavern’s parking lot.

A man identified as Julian Granados, 42, of the 9300 block of South Hamlin Avenue in Evergreen Park, got out of the car and walked into the bar, police said. A few minutes later, Granados was spotted leaving and walking back to his car.

Police said that Granados leaned his body into the driver’s side door of his car. A short time later he exited the car and began looking around the area.

As Granados walked back to the bar, police said that he was constantly turning his head and looking around the area. He continued looking around as he walked back to the bar, reports said.

When the unmarked police car approached Granados, detectives got out and identified themselves as police officers. Police said that Granados looked at the detectives but kept on walking into the bar, shutting the door behind him.

According to the report, the detectives entered the tavern and saw Granados standing with five other people. Detectives asked him to exit the bar and he complied.

Granados allegedly denied selling drugs when confronted by detectives that they had information he was peddling cocaine inside the tavern. The man started pulling items out of his pockets and throwing them on to the car, stating, “go ahead and check what you want," police said.

Police did not find any drugs on Granados when they searched him. Detectives asked if they could search Granados’ car. At first Granados was hesistant but eventually consented to having his car searched, police said.

Informed that K9 officer Lucifer was on the way over to sniff his car, Granados allegedly said, “Go ahead and check what you want,” and handed his car keys to detectives.

Police said that K9 Lucifer alerted them to the presence of drugs around the car and a search of the interior was conducted. The dog then alerted police to a loose vent above the radio. The vent was easily pulled off revealing two small, clear plastic bags with a white substance, that later tested positive for cocaine, reports said.

Granados was arrested and brought to the Oak Lawn police station where he was charged with possession of a controlled substance. He was held pending a bond hearing at the Bridgeview Courthouse at the time of the report.

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