Ford City Mall Melee Videos Hit YouTube

A large group of dozens of teens descended on Ford City Mall and the surrounding neighborhood Saturday evening. Videos contain strong language.

A large group of dozens of teens stormed through Ford City Mall and surrounding parking lots Saturday night resulting in more than a dozen arrests. 

Video posted to YouTube shortly after the incident show rowdy teens outside of the mall tying up traffic and in one instance throwing a chair at a passing car.

The crowd descended on the mall less than an hour after an appearance by the boy band Mindless Behavior. Mall officials posted to their Facebook page that the event was not related to the later violence:

Thank you to all the Mindless Behavior fans who attended today's meet & greet. Totally unrelated to today's event, a group of unruly teens entered the mall and caused a disturbance. On the recommendation of the Chicago Police Department the mall was closed for the safety of the shoppers and tenants. 

There were two minor injuries reported. A total of 19 people were arrested on the scene that saw around 50 squad cars respond, the Chicago Tribune reports. One of the teens was charged with criminal trespassing, one with battery and 17 with mob action, according to the Tribune.  

Investigators are still reviewing video surveillance from a bus and several stores in order to identify more participants, the Southwest Chicago Post reports

A similar event occurred earlier this month at Chuck E. Cheese in Oak Lawn, 4031 W. 95th St. In that instance a group of about 40 teens were disruptive to customers and smashed a Pace bus window.  

STM February 26, 2013 at 12:22 PM
I totally agree with that statement. We all (middle class of working people) should get another job so the government has more of our tax money to support these gang banger punks and the illegals. America is gone.
Dave W. February 26, 2013 at 11:40 PM
It was between 800-1200, according to a relative that works as CP. That is the TOTAL possible in the area...the amount that were ACTUALLY doing anything is closer to 200-400, and the ones doing technically illegal, criminal type charges stuff was around a couple dozen, with a range of misdeeds. Any higher numbers are attributable to the larger crowd who attended the concert, but many of them had left soon after. I would be this information to be pretty reliable since the relative is going to retire soon AND is pretty much a functioning racist. (I say this only to illustrate that they have NO reason to lie or 'hold down' the numbers, as they have NO love for the powers that be OR the potential criminals being mentioned.)
Anna F March 05, 2013 at 10:37 AM
These are kids, if their parents weren't "poor" or "underprivileged" would they be unruly children? Everyone needs to stop turning this into "African-Americans steal my tax money." I know many, many people of other races then caucasian that work their butts off for themselves and their family. Instead of writing off all these kids, we need to stick together and help them. Get them a better education, more transportation to get to and from school safely...keep them off the streets. Not take away the little they have to make them rebel against. I find it so disheartening that everyone is so quick to write the kids off instead of trying to find what could prevent this from happening. What could make them better people and see right from wrong. Yes, maybe their parents aren't there for them, but we can be, our education system can be. Getting mad and calling them names is only going to cause more problems for the future. Stop blaming people because of the color of their skin and what type of assistance they receive from the government. If you educate people better...that will ACTUALLY HELP THE FUTURE GENERATION GET OFF PUBLIC ASSISTANCE! HATING THEM AND LETTING THEM FALL THROUGH THE CRACKS DOES NOT!
KMD March 05, 2013 at 09:21 PM
When is it enough? What more can we do? We have virtually bankrupted the state by creating programs and spending money on things to keep people from falling through the cracks as you say. Whatever happened to good old fashioned accountability . . . you screw up! you pay the price! I believe part of the problem is all of the safety nets we have created has resulted in a society that believes there are no consequences to actions and decisions. There are people out there that believe "it will be okay if I make poor decisions . . . someone will bail me out!" The parents of these kids should see some repercussions! My other question is just how bad off are these kids? They have access to smartphones which allow them to document their deviant behavior! They also have access to computers to arrange mob action through Facebook or other social media. So again how bad off are they? When people see this it leads to the anger and frustration you are reading on this site and people have become exhausted with the concept of "we need to do more" given that most everyone in the current economy is doing more with less.
Anna F March 06, 2013 at 05:39 AM
But these are kids...they didn't screw themselves up day one, their parents did...society did. But they have cell phones and access to computers (or they could just have a smart phone since you can access social media through them)....so they must be okay. Just because one has an iPhone, Coach purse or diamond ring doesn't mean they're financially okay or mentally stable or have the support they need mentally from adults. These are kids, not adults...yes, their parents should be held accountable, but society can give a lending hand or ear to these kids. I am not saying throw money at them...but treat them the way you'd like to be treated is all.


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