Four Charged In Chuck E. Cheese Salad Bar Fight

Four men face charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest during large fight inside children' entertainment restaurant, cops say.

Oak Lawn police disperse a "large unruly crowd" in front of Chuck E. Cheese's in Oak Lawn, IL, on May 18, 2014.
Oak Lawn police disperse a "large unruly crowd" in front of Chuck E. Cheese's in Oak Lawn, IL, on May 18, 2014.

Four young, Chicago men face multiple charges in a fight that began at the salad bar in a children’s entertainment restaurant early Sunday evening, reports said.

Two off-duty, Oak Lawn police officers working security requested “immediate assistance” from police around 6:17 p.m. Sunday to help with a situation developing at Chuck E. Cheese's at 4031 W. 95th St. 

When police officers arrived at the scene a “large unruly crowd” had gathered in front of the restaurant, captured on a Patch video. Police estimated the crowd at 100 people, many of them young children, police said.

Watch: Adult Fracas Breaks Up Fun at Chuck E. Cheese 

Three men identified as Jarrett Vandiver, Javonte Dixon and Armonie Armstead were already in custody when police arrived.

The off-duty cops told police the fracas started when a large fist fight erupted inside the restaurant by the salad bar. Numerous other people were fighting, but security officers observed Armstead and Dixon allegedly punching Vandiver in the face.

Police said that as the security officers tried to handcuff Armstead and Dixon, both men resisted arrest by tensing their arm muscles and pulling away to avoid being cuffed.

As officers escorted Dixon to a police squad car, police said he tried to pull away but was eventually detained and taken to the police station.

Vandiver continued screaming at his two assailants and to engage them further in fighting in the restaurant, reports said. He was also taken into police custody.

The fourth man, Harris, ignored police commands to leave the premises, according to officers. Harris continued yelling and cursing outside Chuck E. Cheese’s and attempting to goad others into fighting in the parking lot, police said.

Harris, too, resisted arrest by tensing his arms, police said. Other officers had to intervene to handcuff him and put him in a squad car, reports said.

Police began to disperse the the obscenity-spewing crowd in front of the restaurant, whom police said were cursing each other and attempting to re-engage the fight.

The four men charged in the fracas included:

  • Armonie Armstead, 18, Chicago, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest;
  • Jarrett Vandiver, 26, Chicago, disorderly conduct;
  • Darius J. Harris, 21, Chicago, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest; and
  • Javonte Dixon, 20, Chicago, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest.

The men are due in court on June 2.

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