Man With Protruding Ears Thwarted In Ruse Burglary

Police say man crawled under overhead garage door left ajar at elderly homeowner's townhome.

A man with protruding ears is wanted for questioning in an attempted ruse burglary.say that he and two other men attempted to enter an elderly homeowner’s townhome but were scared off by her daughter-in-law.

Police said the elderly homeowner left her overhead garage door ajar when she left her townhome on the 11400 block of South Foxwood Drive on March 22.

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The homeowner’s daughter-in-law was inside the townhome cleaning when heard a noise out in the garage. When she went to investigate, a man described as a “male Hispanic” with protruding ears was approaching the access door to the house from the garage. Police believe the man crawled under the overhead garage door to gain entry.

Police said the man told the daughter-in-law he had put a down payment on a TV at a garage sale at her mother-in-law's address and was returning to pick it up.

When the daughter-in-law opened the overhead garage door she saw an older model white minivan, believed to be Chrysler or Dodge, parked in the driveway.

Police said two other darker skinned individuals were inside the van trying to cover their faces. The man inside the garage quickly left and entered the van. All three fled the area.

The daughter-in-law described all three men as “appearing to be very dirty.” The driver was extremely overweight. The man inside the garage with protruding ears was in his early 20s and had close-cropped hair.

There was no description for the third person in the white van, police said.

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