POLICE: Accused Coke Dealer Arrested During Stake Out of Car Rental Agency

Police said Rmazi A. Mashini, of Alsip, showed up a car rental agency to retrieve cell phones he left in rental car during drug deal with confidential source.

Police arrested a man on delivery of a controlled substance at an Oak Lawn car rental agency on April 23.

received information from a confidential source that a man identified as Ramzi A. Mashini, 30, of Alsip, was selling cocaine in the area, reports said.

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The confidential source identified two different cars driven by Mashini that he used for selling drugs including a Crown Victoria, police said.

Police gave the  confidential source  $100 to buy some cocaine from Mashini who agreed to meet him near 104th Street and Mason Avenue.

While under police surveillance, police observed a black Dodge minivan enter a parking lot on the 10400 block of Mason. A detective who had previous contact with Mashini watched him drive up next to the confidential source. After handing Mashini the money, police said the confidential source received a small baggie of what later field tested positive for cocaine.

Mashini left the lot driving eastbound on 104th Street before it turned southbound on Menard. Police lost sight of the van but eventually found it parked behind a building on the 5700 block of West Ridgemont in Chicago Ridge.

Police recovered three cell phones inside the van, one of which had the confidential source’s phone number. Determining the van was a rental car, police had it towed to the village auto pound.

On April 23, police contacted the car rental agency and learned that Mashini rented the van the week before. In anticipation of Mashini returning the van’s keys, police staked out the car rental agency.

Around 6 p.m., Mashini arrived at the agency driving in his own car, a Crown Victoria. He got out of his car and entered the car rental agency, where he was taken into custody, reports said.

While he was being arrested, Mashini allegedly told police, “You don’t have s--- on me.”

According to reports, the manager told police that Mashini called him earlier the day of his arrest and asked how much it would cost to have someone from the agency pick up the van, reports said.

Mashini allegedly told the manager he believe that Oak Lawn police would “hold him” if the van was located. He told the manager he left his three cell phones inside the vehicle and to contact him when the agency picked up the van, reports said.

Since his arrest in Chicago Ridge on March 27 for for manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance, police said that Mashini sold cocaine numerous times while driving his Crown Victoria.

At the car rental agency, Dante the police dog arrived on the scene and found what later tested positive as cocaine residue and a small amount of marijuana inside the van. Mashini was charged with delivery of a controlled substance. He appeared in court on April 24.

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Russ Petrick May 08, 2012 at 03:38 PM
Sure they have sh-t on you and you have sh-t for brains.
Borninol May 08, 2012 at 09:42 PM
The police need to send this guy back to Guantanamo bay


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