Police Blotter: Battery at Hooters and Two Burglaries

Oak Lawn Police Reports, Nov. 1-2


A Tricky Burglary

Someone stole $600 from the cash registers at Halloween Express, 6101 W. 95th St., sometime before 10 a.m. Nov. 2. The manager told police the store was locked after it closed the evening before. When he arrived the next morning, he discovered that both cash registers had been thrown on the floor and that the cash was missing. The manager said there were no signs of forcible entry and thought it might be an inside job. The storefront was leased for only three months and the business is getting ready to close for the season.

Another Ruse Burglary?

A 79-year-old man reported that gold jewelry and cash were missing from his home on the 4000 block of West 99th Street. The victim told police that he left the house at 8:30 a.m. to run errands and returned home around 4:30 p.m. When he went upstairs to his bedroom he noticed that things had been moved around and that a gold necklace and bracelet, along with the cash, were missing. The victim told police that shortly after he returned home, someone from the water department came and checked the color and odor of his water on the first floor of his house. He said he was standing in the hallway when the person was inside his home and was positive that no one else entered his residence. The police report said there were no signs of forced entry.


Hooters Kitchen Heat

A 21-year-old Chicago man came to the village police station to report that his co-worker had choked him around 3:30 p.m. Nov.1 while working in the kitchen at the Hooters Restaurant at 9159 S. Cicero Ave. The man said he worked as dishwasher but was told by the co-worker on Nov. 1 that he was being reassigned to work in the meats section. While working his new assignment, the man was upset that he was not getting any support from his co-worker or other food prep workers. The man told his manager he wasn't sure how the chili would turn out because he had only worked as dishwasher and was unfamiliar with the other sections.

The man and his co-worker exchanged words throughout his shift, according to the report. At the end of his shift, when ordered to put the chili away, the man swore at the co-worker and clocked out. As the man waited outside for his friend, the co-worker called him back and asked for his help moving boxes of frozen foods.

While the two men were inside the cooler, the man said that his co-worker shoved him into a wall and began to choke him, telling the man, "don't ever scream at me again," according to the police report. The man managed to remove his co-worker's hands and went home.

The man waited until the next day to report what happened because he was "upset." He had a small cut on his neck and was referred back to Hooters to talk to his manager. The man told police he would sign a battery complaint.


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