POLICE BLOTTER: Disorderly Conduct, Gang Graffiti Found in Men's Restroom

Oak Lawn police reports, Sept. 2-5.


Man Brings Weapons to Restaurant

A man was found armed with a stun gun and baton after he allegedly caused a disturbance inside of the Corner Bakery at 9621 S. Cicero Ave.

Oak Lawn police responded to a report of a man arguing with another patron around 7 p.m. According to the report, the man took an object out of his backpack and placed in his back pocket, reports said.

Police said a man identified as Bernard M. Byrne, 53, of the 4900 block of West 87th Street, was sitting in the patio area when they arrived. Byrne reportedly told police that he it was taking too long for him to get his food so he started arguing with another person inside of the restaurant.

Byrne consented to a search of himself and his backpack. During the search, police found an expandable baton and stun gun, reports said.

Police said Byrne stated he had retrieved the baton from his backpack during the argument because he wanted people to know that he had a weapon.

The manager of the restaurant wished to press charges, police said.

Police took Byrne into custody and charged him with disorderly conduct. The report said the baton and stun gun were inventoried, along with Byrne’s bike.

Byrne is due in court on October 15 at the Bridgeview Court House.


Gang Graffiti Found On Bathroom Stall Door

Employees at St. James Place, 5305 W. 95th St. notified police of gang graffiti found on the toilet stall door in the men’s restroom. Police said that an upside down, 5-point crown with the letters “AK,” possibly meaning “Ambrose Killers” were scratched on the outside of the stall door. On the interior of the stall door, was a pitchfork, along with the letters “SDN” for “Satan Disciples Nation,” police said. Management is aware of the damage and will have it removed. Police detectives contacted an employee at the tavern regarding the vandalism in the men’s restroom. The employee told police that a highly intoxicated man came into St. James and admitted he was responsible for the gang graffiti in the men’s bathroom. The man gave the employee $100 in restitution. The employee noted the man’s ID said he was born in 1980 and had a Burbank address. Detectives were not able to locate a person by that name at the address in Burbank.

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