POLICE BLOTTER: Pedestrian Rage, Hook-Up Ends in Fisticuffs and More

Oak Lawn police reports April 26 to April 27.


Man Has No Idea Why He Yelled At Woman

A local woman called police to report that she was driving down the 9500 block of South Minnick Avenue around 10:12 p.m. when she encountered two men “staggering” in the middle of the street, reports said. She was on the phone with her husband and was waiting for them to get out of her way so she could drive around them. One of the men yelled something so she got out of her car and confronted them. Police said that Michael M. Boll, 25, of Oak Lawn, got in the woman’s face, and began yelling and waving his arms. The woman hung up on her husband and called police. She told Boll to move away but he refused, police said. Asked to explain his side of the story, Boll allegedly told police, “I have no idea.” The other man with Boll, wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey had left before police arrived. The woman wished to file a complaint. Boll was taken into custody and charged with assault. He has a court appearance on June 15.

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Camera Catches Men Prowling Car Lot

An employee at Mancari Chrysler, 4630 W. 95th St., reported two men trying to steal the rims and tires off of 2012 Chrysler 300C around 3:43 a.m. The car had wooden blocks behind each wheel and the lug nuts on each tire had been loosened. Surveillance video showed two men ducking between cars to avoid being seen by a security officer driving around the car lot. While the video did not show the men by the car, both were wearing hoodies. The employee told police that a few days before on April 26, he encountered a man acting suspiciously on the showroom floor and believed he was casing the car lot. Police said the employee photocopied the man’s driver’s license. He watched the man leave and get picked up across the street in a car with temporary dealer plates. Police ran the man’s driver’s license which showed that he had prior arrests for thefts and robberies.

Stolen Catalytic Converters

An employee at Haggerty Buick, 9301 S. Cicero Avenue, stole five catalytic converters sometime before 3:47 p.m. The parts were valued at $5,520.


Hook-Up Ends In Fisticuffs

A 24-year-old man who thought that he was going to hook up with some women that he met at a tavern on the 9700 block of South Cicero Avenue, got punched by the women’s male friend instead. The man and his pal flagged down police around 2:30 a.m. Police said both men were enjoying some cocktails when they befriended a group of women and began buying them shots. The man thought they were going to “hook up” and went into the parking lot with them at closing time. The women’s male friends confronted the two men. After an argument, the 24-year-old said he was punched multiple times. In the heat of the fight, the man swung at a pick-up truck damaging the truck’s headlight, passenger door and tailgate. Police stopped the driver of the pickup truck who admitted to hitting the 24-year-old. As he was leaving the driver told police that the man punched his truck. The man did not wish to file a complaint.

Busted for Busch

Police charged a man with retail theft and criminal trespassing after he was caught allegedly pocketing two cans of Busch beer at the Jewel Food Store at 8801 S. Ridgeland Ave. Reports said that a store security officer spotted Joseph Rotkis, 55, of the 9000 block of South Ridgeland Ave., stuffing the cans into the pockets of his sweatshirt around 4:37 p.m. Rotkis proceeded out of the store without paying for the cans valued at $3.98, police said. The security officer said that Rotkis was also arrested for retail theft on April 18 from the same Jewel, according to reports. Rotkis’s next court date is June 18.

Police report information is provided by the and other law enforcement agencies. Charges are not evidence of guilt. They are a record of police actions on a given day, and persons charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. If you or a family member are charged or cited and the case is subsequently adjudicated, we encourage you to We will verify and report the outcome.

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P Flan May 07, 2012 at 04:33 PM
For the woman getting out of her car and getting yelled at! What they did was definitely wrong! However what you did should have got you charged with Stupidity! Did you ever consider turning around or just proceeding after they finally did move? Either of these would have prevented this issue..All you had to do was ignore it and tell your husband, who you were talking to, to call the Police!! Try using a little Common Sense in the future!!
Gary May 07, 2012 at 08:11 PM
What a waste of a Police officers time! Getting out of a car to yell at people is silly, unless your his Mother. Next time deal with better.


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