POLICE: Man Accused of DUI Fakes Blowing Into Breathalyzer

A man pulled over for drunk driving pretends to take Breathalyzer test, lies about going to movie with non-existent Oak Lawn cop, police say.

A Blue Island man charged with driving under the influence of alcohol only pretended to blow into the Breathalyzer after he was spotted swerving and driving with no headlights on May 16, reports said.

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Christopher M. Mashak, 28, of the 2800 block of Union C in Blue Island, was charged with DUI, using a vehicle in connection with illegal activities and other traffic offenses.

spotted a Chrysler leaving the Hilton Oak Lawn with no headlights around 2:12 a.m. The Chrysler, driven by Mashak, nearly hit another car when changing lanes and swerving into the other lane, reports said.

The officer stopped the car at 95th Street and Keeler Avenue. Police said that Mashak stopped several feet from the curb and shifted until reverse several times before parking his car.

Mushak told police he was coming from seeing the movie “The Avengers.” He allegedly admitted to having his last alcoholic beverage “before the movie six hours ago.”

Appearing "glassy eyed with a strong odor of alcohol," Mushak was asked to step out of his car. The officer made Mushak remove a penny from his mouth after he agreed to take a preliminary Breathalyzer test, according to reports.

Mushak pretended to blow into the Breathalyzer several times and twice blew too lightly to be successful” to complete the preliminary test, police said. According to the officer, Mushak said, “I’m not sure I can do that without my lawyer present.”

He was taken to the Oak Lawn police station where he lied to police about going to the movie with a non-existent Oak Lawn cop, police said.

Mushak pretended to blow lightly into the Breathalyzer for “two seconds and stopped,” reports said. He also allegedly told police he did not understand Miranda warning.

He’s due in court on July 9 at the Bridgeview Courthouse.

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Marine Sniper June 07, 2012 at 02:06 PM
As a real Marine Sniper and not a wanna be, you're post most assuredly rubs me the wrong way. With that said I have "worked" in South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. It's northern border is shared with China. Again I only said, "It's northern border is shared with China," and leave it at that. You've have basically said if a person gives, "me all kinds of grief" I can ruin your day. Then you arrogantly state, "one's attitude can result in a simple warning escalating into a whole lotta tickets." Which translates into, "If you don't bow down and suck up to me I can ruin your day." You know what? Take your pompous, pretentious, and grandiose "I'm not a wanna be cop" modus operandi and spread it somewhere else, ok? Many thanks. ..... Semper Fi! USMC Semper Fi
anthony June 07, 2012 at 07:03 PM
Thanks Sniper for your service and skill and for doing the talking for.... us. (something about feeling the impact of your words before you hear them)....
anthony June 07, 2012 at 07:37 PM
I wanted to talk about racial profiling as a law enforcement tool before Russ zapped us...Believe or not i find very strong opinioned guys immune to being bought or sold..If he said it nicely the point is respect for the law..( Showing respect for the law wait wrong word the "rules" is so inherently American it is beyond words. Other cultures cannot believe things like nepotism are taken so seriously here In that one of many regards we show we are the "best")... Racial profiling would not be that bad if they did not "find a reason" and hee hawed a bit in a non threatening manner...However if cops write every ticket in the book to justify actions that's why the GOV got involved way back when.. With all the bank robberies other crimes vs Lawsuits revenge charges .There has to be a non court answer..
Dave W. June 07, 2012 at 10:28 PM
All I would say to this, not directly to either Russ Patrick OR Marine Sniper, is that the law should be the law, evenly enforced, everytime. No nepotism, no letting off other cops, no letting off politicians or their kids, etc. Also, what R.P. did say that is very true is that there are TONS of laws that are on the books that mostly go UNenforced, mostly because they should but the local legislative branch hasn't the time to obsolete them when they should. That doesn't make getting a ticket for them anymore technically legit, nor does it make that ticket not complete garbage. Whereas the seatbelt law (specifically for the driver) was once only used upon a pull ove, now it is used FOR the pullover. As explained to me by a relative on the job in Chicago, they used it to target gangs and drugs. Perhaps once, but now it is blatantly used to generate revenue, just as red light cameras are. The problem with Russ P.s thought process is that for the many people in the gray area or even normal law-abiding citizens, that garbage ticket can lead to resentment, which leads to apathy from the citizenry. Those same citizens that vote on tax increases for police to do their jobs and hopefully get paid more for it. If I get pulled over, I am alwayas respectful, but rarely are the officers anymore, and their presumption of facts or abuse of power over non-criminals does nothing to engender trust of people. I'm not speaking of the OLPD, BUT it goes on all over, especially the smaller towns.
RJMM82 June 08, 2012 at 12:59 PM
Village of Oak Lawn Municipal Code Book. 11-14-1. Vehicles used in illegal activities.


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