Police: Man Warned Twice To Stop Bothering Girlfriend Arrested

Oak Lawn man is charged with domestic-related criminal trespassing and cited for public intoxication when he keeps going back to girlfriend's apartment, police said.

Oak Lawn police to an apartment on the 10400 block of South Menard three times after a woman called to report that her boyfriend of 34 years was bothering her, police said.

Police charged Rick M. Dougan, 56, of Oak Lawn, with criminal trespassing and citied him for public intoxication on Nov. 5.

According the report, Dougan had been warned to leave the premises and stop bothering his girlfriend twice earlier in the day or he would be arrested. At 11 a.m., police responded to a call of an intoxicated male on the balcony.

Police said when they arrived Dougan was banging on the sliding glass door and swearing. He was also engaged in a verbal argument with another resident two doors down. Other neighbors were staring at Dougan.

When Dougan saw police he started swearing at them. Police said they found several beer cans lying at his feet. Officers advised Dougan to come off the patio and he complied.

Police said they could smell alcohol on Dougan’s breath. Dougan repeatedly swore at the officers and threatened them saying, “You’ll get yours,” reports said.

Dougan’s girlfriend told police they’d been dating for 34 years. She told police she had asked Dougan to leave the night before because he had been “causing problems,” reports said.

His girlfriend told police that he had been banging on the glass door so hard she thought he was going to break it, police said.

Because he had been warned twice before not to return to the apartment, police arrested him and took him the Oak Lawn police station. The woman signed a complaint for domestic related criminal trespassing.

Dougan was held until Nov. 7 when he appeared in court at Bridgeview. The report did not indicate if bail was set.

4th wright November 26, 2011 at 05:35 PM
"her boyfriend of 34 years"??? Hey, kids. Don't rush into anything.
OakLawnBill February 10, 2012 at 06:32 PM
The guy probably gets drunk from other guys buying him drinks to find out how he stayed unmarried for so long.


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