Police: Rowdy Patrons Beat Up Bartender

Police say patrons ganged up on bartender when she was trying to eject them from the bar.

charged two men with assault and battery after they and their friends ganged up on a bartender at an Oak Lawn tavern on Nov. 13.

Jacob D, Nolan, 23, of Chicago, and Greg M. Sullivan, 30, of Worth, were apprehended after they fled St. James Place at 5305 W. 95th St. through the back door, police said.

Police dispatched to St. James around 1:18 a.m. said that the bartender was trying to clear out a group of rowdy patrons from the back of the bar and restrooms, when a woman from the group began yelling in the bartender’s face.

According to the report, the woman pushed the bartender backwards. The bartender extended her arms and told the woman not to touch her.

Almost immediately, officers said, several men approached the bartender, including Nolan.  Nolan grabbed the bartender’s arm and twisted it behind her, pushing her to the floor, the report said.

While the bartender was on the floor, police said that Sullivan took his foot and stepped on the bartender’s head, briefly applying pressure. Eventually, the bartender was allowed to stand up and the group began leaving through the back door.

As the bartender went to lock the back door, Nolan said, “I’ll slit your throat,” according to the report.

The bartender was able to identify Nolan and Sullivan. Police tried to identify the woman who first accosted the bartender, but a witness from the group would not tell police where she went or her name.

Nolan and Sullivan were taken arrested and taken to the Oak Lawn police station. Nolan was charged with assault and battery, Sullivan with battery. Both were released on bond, the report said.

Both have a Dec. 13 court date in Bridgeview.

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OL Resident November 22, 2011 at 01:27 PM
I have been in this place before and I cannot help but notice: This place has the location for gang related activity...especially late at night. It still is a respectable looking place when you enter..untill you sit down in at the bar the chairs have no ticking in the upholstery... but I digress. This bar has a clientele change as the night progresses. Im too old to be there after midnight. A $2 U Call it is just not worth it. I am sure that OLPD has more than their fair share of stories about this place. I was wondering if anyone living near there feels the same way. I have friends that come for the $2 all day specials and feel the same as I do.
MM November 23, 2011 at 12:41 PM
You can't discriminate just because someone looks like a gangbanger. Anyway, it's close enough to the police station so they can call for help and get a quick response.
NANCY GRACE November 26, 2011 at 01:26 PM
This place always seems to have problems, maybe they should hire security to work the doors like other local bars.


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