Ruse Burglars Hit House on Natoma

Elderly couple distracted while home is robbed, police say.

Oak Lawn police believe that ruse burglars hit a home on the 8700 block of South Natoma Avenue owned by a couple in their 80s on April 20.

The 82-year-old male victim told police that two men opened the couple’s back door around 2:30 p.m. and called “hello.” Telling the homeowner there was a problem with a pipe in his back yard, the victim followed the men to his back yard, where they led him behind his garage.

The men also had the victim’s wife come out to look at the pipe behind the garage. Both victims told police that the men were speaking what they believed to be Spanish and talking into two-way radios the whole time they were in the yard.

After several minutes, the victims grew suspicious. The male victim began walking toward the house and both men fled down the side driveway.

The men drove off in a newer model SUV driven by a third man.

The victims told police that their front door, which was always kept locked, was ajar. About $6,000 in cash was missing from a bedroom dresser, along with jewelry.


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