Bellar: President Decides When You Die Under 'Obamacare'

Barbara Bellar calls the Affordable Care Act a "disaster fiasco" during a recent candidate forum.

A Republican candidate for Illinois' 18th state Senate seat called the Affordable Care Act a "disaster fiasco" that peels back liberties during a forum Wednesday.

Barbara Bellar, a former Benedictine Catholic Nun and veteran, recently drew national attention for a video in which she She called the video a "light-hearted introduction to a very serious topic."

The Republican from Burr Ridge double-downed on her stance and took a more serious tone on "Obamacare" during Wednesday's forum at the Green Hill Public Library in Palos Hills.

"It represents the erosion of our religious and civil liberties," Bellar said of the measure signed by Obama in 2010. "That's what's behind it."

"God should decide how long we live, not President Obama," she said.

Watch: Barbara Bellar's Full Response (VIDEO)

Bellar faces state Rep. Bill Cunningham, a Democrat from the 35th District running for Illinois senate, in November.

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Crystle October 12, 2012 at 03:40 PM
She is actually a doctor. Obamacare is government run health insurance. I read the whole plan and it is overseen by the IRS! It also allows for the government to make medical decisions ! scary
nooney1971 October 12, 2012 at 04:24 PM
No, the government does not decide when you die, that whole Sarah Palin line has been repeatedly debunked. I believe that she is most likely speaking about the usage of end of life boards, that often work with doctors, therapists and family members to speak about medical care for those patients that maybe considered terminally ill. As a medical professional she should be wise enough to realize that end of life care is not a simple decision or issue. Also, its appalling that someone who has worked in the medical industry would consider health insurance companies the lesser of two evils. Often their decisions are what determines if a patient lives or dies and not the patient themselves.
Luther October 12, 2012 at 04:34 PM
" I am a Catholic. I believe what the Catholic Church teaches. However, I will not impose my beliefs or those of my Church on others."
Bob October 12, 2012 at 05:11 PM
No, the government won't decide who lives or dies under Obamacare, it only decides who will receive treatment and medical care. For example, we've had two family members die of heart attacks in the "perfect" government bureaucrat healthcare rationing system in Canada. One person was 72 and his doctor recommended a quadruple bypass operation, but the government "panel" had used their quota for the year for that operation in that fiscal year so he was "wait-listed" for the operation six months later in the new budget year. In the current US system, he would've gotten it within a week. He had a massive coronary two months later, and he got an "emergency" bypass...JUST BEFORE HE DIED. That's how "death panel" government run health care works, folks. A vote for Obama is a vote for bringing this downgrade of necessary healthcare home. But on the bright side, funding will be made available for even 90 year old grandmas will be able to get free birth control! I'd say LOL, but it is no laughing matter.
bob busch October 22, 2012 at 07:33 PM
Pepsi or Coke? Ms.Bellar seems like a fascinating person.Too bad i cannot vote for her.On the other hand Mr.Cunningham seems like a scumbag Democratic ward healer I will not vote for him either.It all boils down to a four letter word.Such words are immensely descriptive: They are slang for fornication,deification,and other everyday words like snow and cold,rain and heat.One four letter word has become the issue which will dictate who, if anybody, I vote for in Illinois elections. The word is cola,not the kind one drinks but the kind that will keep me out of the poor house down the road.My cola is the abbreviation for cost of living allowance. I am one of those greedy retired teachers who are taking the rap for decades of criminal neglect of public pensions buy the State of Illinois. Both the above mentioned people are candidates for the 18th District Illinois Senate seat.Both have said they want to eliminate my cola.After 41 years of teaching in South Side High Schools I would really like my golden years to be free of drama.


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