‘Dangerous Buildings’ in Oak Lawn Targeted for Demolition

Notorious properties on Melvina, Southwest Highway, 99th Street and Tripp are expected to be demolished within the next 60 days.

A cluster of buildings in Oak Lawn owned by the same owner is targeted for demolition within the next 60 days.

Residents have long complained about the ramshackle vacant buildings at 9801 Southwest Hwy., 9816 S. Melvina Ave., 6200 W. 99th St. and 6202 W. 99th St., including a large garage, being dangerous and a safety concern in the neighborhood.

A garage at 10300-10400 S. Tripp is also slated for destruction.

“These buildings have been an eyesore on our community,” Trustee Bob Streit said. “It’s time for them to be cleaned up.”

The Oak Lawn Village Board awarded a contract to Environmental Cleansing Corp. in the amount of $37,741 at last week’s village board meeting. The contract is contingent upon review and approval by the village attorneys.

The company was chosen because of its experience in removing asbestos. Environmental Cleansing Corp. handled the demolition of the former family services building.

Village Manager Larry Deetjen said the village has met with the buildings’ owner “unsuccessfully,” to try to get him to take care of his buildings. All of the owner’s properties have “significant liens” against them, according to Deetjen.

“We’ve been moving along very methodically. I know it’s been slow going,” Deetjen said.

Demolition of the other properties is expected to take place within 60 days, once demolition permits are obtained from Cook County. The county requires registered demolition contractors for residential properties over 625 square feet and all properties zoned commercial or rental.

Deetjen said the village is set to proceed on demolishing the garage at Tripp Avenue within 30 days. The other properties are expected to be demolished in 60 days, Deetjen said.

DC August 28, 2011 at 02:16 PM
Oh PULLLEEEZZ ... I will believe it when i see it. The front door of this property was pushed in by two men on friday August 26th at about 2:30pm...Its still open. God only knows what is living inside of there. This is a great place for the Oak Lawn teens to hang out and drink, do drugs, and whatever....nice going village!!!
scouter September 22, 2011 at 10:20 PM
I was not referring to the obvious eyesores... I'm talking about those that have senior citizens and those that have disabilities... Retirement and social security and disability DO NOT pay enough for people to do much other than live. I am talking about the senior citizen down the block who can't bend over to pull the weeds, and who can't afford to pay for lawn service. Or the person on disability who can't push a lawn mower or lift their arm to paint the trim... I am not talking about the absent landlords and abandoned buildings... those need to go and be torn down or be taken over and fixed up.... (Habitat for Humanity?) What ever happened to going over to your neighbor and just asking if they need a little help? OR maybe the village doesn't want people to help each other because the village is sure making a lot of money from having J. F. Galzin going around and picking on people... I can understand those that obviously don't want to maintain their property but those that are in the process of fixing their houses are also getting hit with tickets and fines!
ME September 22, 2011 at 11:33 PM
Hello Oak Lawn Government: Why don't you start a program for the kids in the community to help out older people who can't take care of their properties? A lot of kids need to do community service for their high schools. This should be a way for them to do it. You have the snow shoveling program. Why not have a home beatification program in the Spring, Summer and Fall? Thank you!
DC November 14, 2011 at 12:59 PM
Okay....it is coming up on the 60 day mark and the POS property at 99th & Melvina looks the same, if not worse, than it did when this article was first posted. I swear if it was on Shore Drive, east or west, it would have been torn down. Really Oak Lawn? Do we have to look at this all through winter? I am ashamed to say I live in this town. That block really ads to the beautiful new dog park people have to pass up to get to. Nice, real nice Oak Lawn.
tech 5 November 14, 2011 at 03:41 PM
Maybe our district 3 super hero can have a holiday fence lighting event there!!!!!


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