Election Results 2010

We will be posting results in real time throughout the night.

All election night, Patch will be uploading real-time results for the local, state and federal races that affect your local community, from your county board seats to your representatives in Congress.

These numbers will be updated throughout the night, so check back frequently for your election coverage.

All information is from local county clerk's offices or election commissions. Results are unofficial pending certification from the relevant election authorities.

Cook County Board of Commissoners 17th District

CANDIDATE VOTES PERCENT Patrick Maher (D) 33,819 35.82%   Elizabeth Gorman (R) 55,514 58.79%  Matthew Ogean (G) 5,088 5.39% 

U.S. House of Representatives 13th District

xx out of xx precincts reporting

CANDIDATE VOTES PERCENT Judy Biggert (R) 24,336 72.3%   Scott Harper (D) 9,323 27.7%   

Illinois State Senate 19th District

CANDIDATE VOTES PERCENT Maggie Crotty (D) 43,893  67.92%   Adam Wojcik (R) 20,727   32.08% 

Illinois State House of Representatives 37th District

CANDIDATE VOTES PERCENT Kevin McCarthy (D) 14,661  51.47%  Jeff Junkas (R) 13,826 48.53%  

Illinois State House of Representatives 36th District

CANDIDATE VOTES PERCENT Richard Grabowski (R) 8,431  35.2%  Kelly Burke (D) 15,524 64.8% 

Cook County Board of Commissoners 11th District

CANDIDATE VOTES PERCENT Carl Segvich (R) 7,451  41.43%  John Daley (D) 10,534 58.57%   

U.S. House of Representatives 3rd District

CANDIDATE VOTES PERCENT Dan Lipinski (D) 65,069 64.73%   Michael Bendas (R) 29,216 29.06%  

U.S. House of Representatives 1st District

CANDIDATE VOTES PERCENT Bobby Rush (D) 24,983 44.95%   Raymond Wardingley (R) 26,456 47.6% 

Cook County Board of Review 1st District

CANDIDATE VOTES PERCENT Brendan Houlihan (D)  222,812 47.69% Dan Patlak (R) 244,413  52.31%  

Cook County Board of Commissoners 6th District

CANDIDATE VOTES PERCENT Joan Murphy (D) 53,058 65.12%    Sandra Czynikewicz (R) 28,421 34.88%   

Illinois State House of Representatives 35th District

CANDIDATE VOTES PERCENT Barbara Bellar (R) 10,372 53.36% Bill Cunningham (D) 9,065  46.64%  

Illinois State House of Representatives 82nd District

CANDIDATE VOTES PERCENT Jim Durkin (R) 17,066 76.16% Matthew Mostowik (D) 5,341 23.84% 

U.S. Senate (Illinois)

CANDIDATE VOTES PERCENT Alexi Giannoulias (D) 1,694,093 46% Mark Kirk (R) 1,765,594 48%

Illinois Governor

CANDIDATE VOTES PERCENT Pat Quinn (D) 1,721,208 46.6%   Bill Brady (R) 1,701,647 46.1%

Tinley Park Editor Paul Dailing and Reporter Jesse Marx contributed to this report.

Edgar November 03, 2010 at 02:20 AM
Where's Whitney in the polls?


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