EP Election Board Says No to Good Candidacy

Petitions cited for lack of valid signatures, inappropriate binding

In less than five minutes Thursday morning, Evergreen Park election officials slammed the door on the mayoral candidacy of Shawn Good.

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The Village of Evergreen Park Municipal Officers Electoral Board, consisting of Trustees Carol Kyle and Jerome Bosch, and Village Clerk Catherine Aparo, with representation by attorney Joseph Cainkar, voted unanimously to remove Good’s name from the April 9 election ballot.

Good is challenging incumbent Mayor James Sexton, the only contested race in the upcoming municipal election, other than a library board race for two-year trustee.

The action came after two village residents, filed an objection regarding Good’s petitions for not being securely bound when turned in to the village and for lacking the proper number of valid signatures. To appear on the ballot, 66 valid signatures are needed.

Good’s petitions were viewed by a Cook County Clerk records examiner on Jan. 11, who determined that Good fell short of the number of valid signatures needed by 16. Several signatures were ruled invalid for not being genuine; others were discounted because the signer was not registered to vote at the address listed.

with Burton Odelson, founding partner of Odelson and Sterk, representing both Yukich and Layne. His associate, Matthew Welch, represented the objectors this time around.  Shawn Good represented herself both times, though after the meeting said she had sought legal advice.

Regardless of the outcome of today’s ruling, Good said she is not through challenging the mayor. She told the Patch she has several options to consider, including a write-in candidacy.

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IGA January 24, 2013 at 05:18 AM
safe, and not all the storefronts are vacant. But there are cons as well. Preferential treatment to businesses, alleged disrespect to homeowners and some businesses, lack of indoor rec facilities for residents. We need a pool, we need an indoor playground for children in the winter. Take monies and purchase racquet and fitness and give it to the people to enjoy. Have a Xmas celebration in the center of town and
IGA January 24, 2013 at 05:19 AM
encourage small businesses to open their doors. Lessen permit fees on residents and raise them on commercial to encourage homeowners to use Menards to improve their homes. Theiris so much good here people, if you have an issue, build your voice of one, and bring them to meetings. I hope they realize the correcting all of your issue will only strengthen the community, improving word of mouth and helping to bring
IGA January 24, 2013 at 05:19 AM
more good people into this great neighborhood. I just recently moved out of evergreen , but my parents live there and will continue to. If you all think I can win a mayoral race let me know, and I will move back in with them. But I will need 66 signatures, maybe 67 to be safe. Haha. keep in mind the success of common, not personal good. Things work better with that train of thought.
Concerned January 25, 2013 at 02:25 AM
Evergreenlove13, you can't have it both ways. You can't say that out town is thriving financially, and yet have these numbers of forclosures to deal with. Forclosures, whether because someone over-borrowed, or got a divorce, or had to move for a job, are not good for the price of your house, or my house. I'm glad to hear the town has money in the bank, but look where that recently got the D124 school board. People see money, and they put their hand out. How is EP going to fare when Springfield finally pushes the pension problem down to the school districts? You know that there are no laws that allow states to declare bankruptcy (which IL is), yet there are laws allowing municipalities and school districts to declare bankruptcy. Of course I understand the difference between local, township, county, state, and federal taxes (of which, I pay them all), but I'm still not happy with the way EP, specificially under the leadership of Mayor Sexton, has used my town's revenue, in situations such as tax deals with big box stores and in dealings with the EP Golf Course. I'll say it again... it's a shame we can't have a real debate in the public square on the real issues that face out town, which we all care about greatly.
evergreenlove13 January 25, 2013 at 02:43 PM
Concerned, as I was saying.....It is not the Village of Evergreen Park's fault if people are forclosing on their homes. I was stating that your homes value didn't fall because of anything Mayor Sexton did. You home value fell because of your fellow citizens who forclosed on their homes. And YES my town can be financially sound (with money in the bank) even if people are forclosing. That is why it is always nice to have that extra money there. Just because people put their hand out doesn't mean that Mayor Sexton is going to give it to them. In my opinion what D124 did was wrong, they should make sure they always continue to have a surplus of money for when Illinois stops paying their part of the bills. (you and I agree on everything in regards to D124 and the state of Illinois and I would guess the federal government) We just disagree with our local government. There can be real debates or questions asked, you just have to go to meetings and ask. I personally don't feel that Ms. Good would be more conservative with the villages money than Mayor Sexton. I go off of the fact that she didn't do enough research on the process of running for mayor. So I tend to think she won't do enough research on the right ways to spend the money.


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