Gov Can't Keep Track of All His Boards and Commissions

State government grows in the dark, like a fungus. • Bill Daley has an idea to take the party out of state elections. • Time magazine mourns for Illinois.

When Gov. Pat Quinn took office in 2009, he promised to take aim at state boards and commissions stocked with politically connected folks drawing large salaries with little oversight into their activities.

He would pare down those panels and save you money.

Better Government Association investigative reporter Barbara Rose this month looked into whether Quinn delivered:

"... more than three years into Quinn’s watch little has changed, except the number of such units is growing. As troubling, many don’t comply with the Illinois Open Meetings Act, according to a report last year by state Auditor General William Holland."

In fact, the governor's office is having a hard time keeping up with it all.

"With over 322 boards and commissions, including approximately 3,000 governor-appointed positions, it has become increasingly difficult to track both current and newly created entities," Quinn’s Office of Executive Appointments wrote in response to Holland’s report, released in September 2011.

Not the Life of the Party: Illinois should replace primary elections with nonpartisan contests where candidates who secure more than half the vote win, suggests Bill Daley in a report on Clout Street. Daley is mulling a challenge to Gov. Pat Quinn. That's how Chicago conducts its election. The general public seems increasingly less connected to political parties, and our current primary system gives party stalwarts entirely too much sway over the candidates ultimately selected to run for office, state or federal.

Perhaps the governor can appoint a commission to study this idea.

Squeezy Was a Bargain-Basement Idea in a Cellar-Dwelling State: According to WCIA-TV, Squeezy the Pension Python, the centerpiece of the governor's brilliant pension reform campaign, cost all of $23. Meanwhile, a new report from the Illinois Auditor General shows the five state pension programs are paying out way more than they take in as their investment values tank, reports Illinois Watchdog. And Time magazine, poking fun at Squeezy, has decided Illinois should be the national poster child for how not to run a state.

Think About It January 21, 2013 at 03:24 AM
If it was only possible in the constitution that Illinois could seceed to the state of Indiana and make one large state of Indana and say Good-bye to the state of Illinois forever!
Raymond J Narvick January 24, 2013 at 04:11 AM
You're right on Jim. I feel like barfing when I think about Bill Daley as Gov. You would be replacing a puppet with a professional crook. Blago was minor league compared to the Daley Bros. A good rip off artist never gets caught. Ritchie Rich knew when to quit. I'm not surprised the baton is being passed to Bill. He will give us a "rahm" in the rear just like Emanuel has been doing.
Grace Hopper January 28, 2013 at 01:24 AM
The Governor of Illinois doesn't live in the Governor's Mansion. He does rent it out nightly. My sister and her family rented if for a night and said it was fun.
Raymond J Narvick January 28, 2013 at 02:15 PM
Didn't know he was finally getting out. This guy followed Jim Edgar up the political ladder. First Secretary of State, then Governor. Somehow the Secretary of State office got to be corrupt during Ryan's watch. Ryan was already in the Governors mansion for a few years before this came out. The thing that rubs me the wrong way, and I do feel for the Willis family, is that Edgar could have ran again and be welcomed in. There were long time Secretary of State employees that were in on this. They were not new Ryan hires. The foundation must have been laid long before George Ryan took office as Secretary of State. Edgar was already out of office when the mudflap fell off of the truck that killed six innocent children. He got away clean. I am sure Ryan was no angel. However, He was also the guy left holding the bag for crimes that benefited others. Many more should have gone to prison. Ryan took the fall for them.
George Pickett January 28, 2013 at 04:50 PM
I wonder if he kept the monney?


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