Here’s What 3 State House Candidates Had to Say About Improving the Economy

Democrat candidates for the 35th Illinois House District also shared their thoughts about school vouchers at a forum at Morgan Park Academy.

Democrat hopefuls for the 35th District Illinois House seat spoke Tuesday night at the Morgan Park Academy Baer Theater in Beverly. The event, organized by the Beverly Area Planning Association, featured 35th District candidates Anthony Martin, Fran Hurley and Andrew Byrne Hodorowicz answering questions submitted by attendees.

Ricardo Fernandez and Barbara Bellar, Republican candidates for the 18th Illinois Senate District, also answered questions about boosting the area’s economy, ethics and teacher’s pensions.

Return to Patch Friday for video of Fernandez and Bellar speaking.

Dan Lambert March 09, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Hi Bob, This is a primary election. The Democratic race in the 35th District is contested. The Republican race is not. Whichever one of these candidates wins their primary will go on to face Mr. Williams in the general election. At that point the coverage given to each candidate will of course be equal. It only makes sense that we would devout more time covering races where there is actually a race. You can view all candidates' answers to our full questionnaires in the Election Central page on the site: http://patch.com/F-dl7
Andrea Williams March 09, 2012 at 03:06 PM
The problem with that Dan is that the BAPA director said he did not know if they would hold another event before the November election which means the Republican candidate will not get an opportunity to address their membership. Nothing but bias and typical machine politics there. I'd love to see you run a story about THAT and put a huge picture of the excluded candidate on the front page of your paper instead of playing into their hand. Sorry, but the overt tactics of the Chicago machine is maddening. The residents in Suburban Cook County need to fight back to ensure the 19th Ward isn't their represented voice in Springfield.
Dan Lambert March 09, 2012 at 03:47 PM
Hi Andrea, Thanks for replying. I was only commenting on our overall election coverage, not the actual event itself. I think you have a very legitimate point on that front.
Ben Feldheim March 09, 2012 at 03:49 PM
Playing into their hand? I think our detailed election pages say otherwise, but that's just me. Not to mention the link I posted above isn't the first time we've covered Steven and his campaign. http://orlandpark.patch.com/articles/fix-the-finances-orland-park-man-joined-state-house-race
anonymous March 09, 2012 at 10:34 PM
I heard the republican candidate Steve Williams speak at a forum and was not very impressed with him nor really any of the candidates. I especially was not impressed with any one of the candidates experience, except for Andrew Hodorowicz. He seems to be the candidate with the best grasp on the issues, and the one with the most experience for the job. I also like that he has experience working on a pension that was not under-funded, and for the Illinois auditor. Shows he has an understanding of the state's financial situation. I am also a proponent of expanding gaming in Illinois to fund obligations, and he has experience in the gaming industry. In my opinion, none of the candidates have experience that compares to Hodorowicz. I also just read today that the Chicago Tribune has endorsed Andy. This is an endorsement that is awarded by the editorial board based simply off the candidates experience, and knowledge of the issues. That means alot to me. I don't really care that the other candidates were endorsed by other organizations. All that means is they are now indebted to those organizations, just the thing that has made this state so corrupt. My vote is with Andrew Hodorowicz.


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