Homewood Resident Petitions for 187th Street Stop Sign

The village is reviewing a Homewood resident's petition to install a stop sign at the intersection of 187th Street and Ashland Avenue.

Homewood resident James Bolden is sick and tired of cars speeding past his 187th Street home. That’s why he presented the village board with a petition to install a stop sign at the intersection of 187th Street and Ashland Avenue during the Nov. 27 business meeting. 

“There’s been several accidents,” Bolden said. “My neighbor got hit twice, pulling out of his driveway. My wife got hit once. Four weeks ago we had an accident on Ashland Avenue and 187th.”

Bolden says he frequently witnesses school busses and cars speeding down the road in excess of 45 miles per hour.

Police Chief Larry Burnson acknowledged the road is particularly problematic.

“It’s a natural throughway between Glenwood, Chicago Heights and the Flossmoor area,” Burnson said. “It has a very low speed limit for a street that’s a feeder route.”

Terrace Ave., a street south of Bolden’s home, has two stop signs despite significantly reduced traffic, Burnson added.

Bolden says he called police about the matter, but a more dependable solution is necessary.

“I understand (the police) cannot patrol this road all night, all day,” Bolden said. “They have other things to do …”  

Chief Burnson said police do frequently patrol the area with radar but, as Bolden mentioned, 24-hour enforcement is impossible. 

Village Manager Jim Marino will be looking into the issue, Mayor Richard Hofeld told Bolden.

Tobias Cichon December 09, 2012 at 05:02 PM
Wait... open and accessible public data?! ... is Homewood into that kind of thing?
Tobias Cichon December 09, 2012 at 05:08 PM
Here's the problem - we need an efficient and fast thoroughfare. 187th is 25 mph, and 183rd is 30 mph. If we could raise 183rd to 35 mph and add a stop sign, then we'd be in good shape.
BlackHawks Fan December 09, 2012 at 11:42 PM
Tobias ~ Why do you want a faster thoroughfare? Most drivers drive 5 over the speed limit or faster on 183rd and 187th now, if the the speed limit is raised it will only increase accidents. The sidewalks are too close to the streets and pedestrians and bike riders will surely pay the price. As far as the stop sign on 187th and Center I also drive through there many times a day and have often seen drivers fly right through that stop sign and not just on 187th either. With that said a traffic light there probably wouldn't be a good idea.
D Wilson December 10, 2012 at 02:08 PM
Thank you for noticing my error. Here is the correction of my earlier post: " I'll throw in the need for a 4 way stop by the Irwin Center on Highland and Ridge. Due to visibility problems caused by the line of parked cars on the south side of Ridge by the Irwin Center, exiting from Highland (headed north) is extremely dangerous because the approaching Eastbound traffic cannot be seen at a safe distance. To make matters worse Eastbound traffic on Ridge is accelerating as the cars leave the light at Dixie. No need to wait for a fatality before at least considering the installation of a four-way stop at this dangerous intersection. Every event/concert at the Irwin Center fills the available parking on Ridge causing northbound Highland drivers to “nose” out into Ridge to see around those parked cars. I believe correcting dangerous intersections in Homewood should be a higher priority than, say, a new expensive sign for City Hall."
Heidi P. January 02, 2013 at 02:57 PM
I've lived in Homewood my entire life, going on forty years this June. Our roads have become more dangerous over the years, and they are continuing to worsen. We have school buses, carrying our precious cargo in some of the more dangerous hotspots. The damage to property is bad enough, but could you imagine the horror if there were fatalities of our most innocent. Just thinking about it upsets me. It should upset anyone. Our village needs to do something


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