Oak Lawn’s Highest Paid Village Employees

The Oak Lawn village manager, emergency telecommunicator, police chief, and public safety employees draw the highest salaries among village employees. See the full list of all village employees' salaries.

The Village of Oak Lawn posted the 2012 salaries of village employees on its website. Earnings include gross wages (before taxes) and do not include benefits, such as healthcare. We've included some of the top earners, and randomly chosen municipal employees for perspective.

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The highest paid employee was Larry Deetjen, whose salary remained the same from the year before at 154,732. Laura A. Skala, a telecommunicator who works in the village’s Emergency Communications Center, was the second highest-paid, village employee earning 151,999.90.

The village fire department out earned the police department, leading with 65 100K+ salary earners, compared to the 32 police officers that made $100,000 or more in 2012.

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The job titles include batalion chief, firefighter/paramedic, fire enginerr, police watch commander, police sergeant and patrol officer.

Oak Lawn’s top cop, Police Chief Bill Villanova, made $137,000 last year

Village Fire Bureau chief James E. Leikel out earned his boss, Fire Chief George Sheets; both earned 133,817 and $117,880, respectively.

A village custodian made more money than the full-time village clerk.

See how Oak Lawn compares to Evergreen Park 2012 salaries.

Dave Heilmann is paid $46,384 for his part-time services as village president; his mayor’s salary is the same as last year’s.

Tom Phelan (Dist. 6) was the highest paid village trustee at $9,200; followed by the second-highest, Tom Duhig (Dist. 4) and Alex Olejniczak (Dist. 2), who both made $8,200 in 2012.

Cindy Trautsch (Dist. 1), Bob Streit (Dist. 3) and Carol Quinlan (Dist. 5) were all paid $7,200 for their work as trustees last year.

It’s all public information.

View the full list by clicking on the PDF document. 

Here are the top $100,000+ earners working for the Village of Oak Lawn.

Employee Position Salary
  • Larry Deetjen, Village Manager, $154,732
  • Laura Skala, Telecommunicator, $151,999
  • Bill Villanova, Chief of Police, $137,000
  • James E. Leikel, Fire Bureau Chief, $133,817
  • Robert A. Wesselhoff, Fire Captain, $131,354
  • Michael Bowman, Fire Captain, $128,848
  • Todd Standord, Firefighter/paramedic $128,848
  •  Robert Pawlowski, Police Division Chief, $127,900
  • Michael Kaufmann, Police Division Chief, $127,900
  • Brian Tiernen, Fire Lt. $127,799
  •  Melvin Clark, Police Watch Lt. $127,016
  • Joseph Stubss, Police Lt. $126,623
  • Dennis Doyle, Police Watch Lt. $126,610
Very Concerned June 14, 2013 at 03:43 PM
For the record, the salaries and benefits for almost all of the full-time employees in Oak Lawn were the results of contracts that were negotiated by employees' unions and the Village. The negotiating process began in 1971 with the police officers' first contract. The Village representatives have included every manager from J.J. Salovarra through Larry Deetjen along with their labor attorneys. Their roles at the bargaining table have been to present the Village position as to what was most affordable for the citizens and fair for the employees . All contacts over the past 40 years were approved by every Village Board in that time. As representatives of the people these Boards have taken into consideration the needs of the community and the quality of life values they supported. For those who feel the employees in Oak Lawn are over-compensated, direct your complaints to those Boards who represented the needs of the community and agreed to all of those employee contracts. I know the agreements were made in good faith by all involved and they have enabled Oak Lawn to maintain its status as a class act in the south suburbs.
Very Concerned June 15, 2013 at 11:11 PM
For the record, the pay and benefits for almost all of Oak Lawn's full time employees are the results of contract negotiations between the Village and employee unions. The police gained the first contract in 1971. Over the past 40 years the Village Managers and attorneys or others represented the management side which included efforts to determine what was affordable for the citizenry and fair to the employees. When agreement was reached at the bargaining table both sides presented the contract to the Village Boards and union members for ratification. Whatever the political affiliations, those Boards established the standards of employment that best serve the citizens and impact the quality of life in the Village. They are the ones that have made Oak Lawn a prize for anyone seeking a job opportunity.
Oak Lawn Homegirl June 18, 2013 at 09:04 PM
These comments are all to ridiculous for words. First of all, just because it's public information doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be broadcast in this manner. It means that the information is available for those who feel they need to know. Just because they're public employees and paid by our tax dollars doesn't mean we have a right to decide whether it's too high. Walk a mile in their shoes and you'll know. If most of the readers had similar access within their own employers' records they would probably be just as shocked at the varied salaries. What's the old saying about having an opinion? Everyone has one.....
Lupe' DeAguirre November 26, 2013 at 09:55 AM
Two things I think are important to point out. Income for public service employees is open information, and taxpayers have a right to see what those amounts are. It will anger some people, and that is understandable. But these incomes are mostly including overtime. Not base salary. If you are this unhappy about the costs for services in the village, contact your trustee and tell THEM. Secondly, if you really think that cut backs to police and fire/EMS is the route to take, then go to a village board meeting and speak up. I've seen enough ridiculous comments by a few posters demanding the pd/fd become contracted private companies (makes no sense to me) or that we get rid of these "firefighters standing around" and cops who just sit in their cars. Well put your money where your mouth is! Show up and let the village know. I for one have no problem with the emergency services that the village provides and think it would be a huge mistake to cut any manpower in either dept. like I have posted before, I have no personal connections to either the pd or fd, but I have used both their services, as have my neighbors. In EVERY instance the men and women were very professional, courteous, and definitely knew what they were doing. This village has excellent emergency depts, well worth the money.
Honestly IPO November 26, 2013 at 03:13 PM
@ Juan ask your neighbor.


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