Read the 2011 Fall On the Green Audit

Patch was able to scan a copy of the 2011 Fall On the Green audit. Read the much anticipated report and tell us what you think.

Oak Lawn Trustee Bob Streit (Dist. 3) generously provided Patch with his hard copy of the 2011 Fall On the Green audit. There are a few handwritten notes on the pdf, which we provide here.

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The forensic audit was compiled by auditing firm Baker, Tilly, Virchow, Krause LLP, of Oak Brook.

Streit read excerpts from the audit at the Oak Lawn Village Board meeting on Nov. 27.


bill allen December 03, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Thanks for posting the audit Lorraine. Its apparent that Phelan ran this just like he ran the St. Catherines mens club. Lots of freebees for his friends. He was giving away money as if it was his own to give away. Tens of thousands of dollars with no accountability.
Rich December 03, 2012 at 10:34 PM
After listening to Trustee Streit's laments during the meetings prior to this audit being released, you would have thought some major bombshells of impropriety had taken place in 2011, thus forcing the mayor to change the 2012 Fall on the Green event to Mr. Streit. All I see in these recommendations is a need to put some rules in place so if an actual audit took place, they would have something to actual audit. You can't say something was done right or wrong if you don't have any rules in place to to use as a guide when making decisions. I can't judge Trustee Phelan negatively for the way he ran the event. It seems what we got was done on a best effort basis and with no real " rules " to follow. Also, as most of us would do, he rewarded the people who helped make the event possible and profiable, and those locals who were the most inconvenienced. What I did learn from this was the mayor and whoever voted on this audit being conducted wasted almost 20K of the taxpayers money on a witch hunt for political reasons only.
Homegrown in OL December 04, 2012 at 05:52 AM
This is not some mom and pop store that gave away free candy to some kids. This is our elected officials running our municipality without accountability. Phelan is supposed to be a financial wizard yet he didn’t find it necessary to keep accurate records. This is the same man that has accused many people of financial wrongdoing. Where are his colorful spreadsheets now? I’m sorry, but Alex distributing free food and beer tickets to his constituents without being endorsed by the Village is clearly illegal. Heilmann is no better either. He brings this to light only when it benefits him to do so. Why was this not brought up 7 years ago? Of course they were buddies back then. Is it really acceptable to have volunteers drinking while they are working? It seems that Fall on the Green is nothing more than an opportunity for them all to get drunk on our dime. It is obvious that there is missing money. It is unacceptable for a governmental body to not have complete accountability for every penny that they spend. This Village has been run by thugs for too long. We need a serious candidate for mayor. Heilmann cannot be elected to another term. We also do not need Phelan’s puppet or Phelan to win either. It is embarrassing to live in this village. Phelan and Heilmann have one thing in common. They are both despicable.
Homegrown in OL December 04, 2012 at 06:12 AM
Ms. Bury, You seem like a nice, intelligent and humanitarian lady. However, your allegiance with Phelan will cause you to lose the election. Anyone who truly knows Phelan will not vote for you. When you first meet Phelan, he may trick you into believing that he is something that he is not. Break your ties with him. It is your only chance. If there are two evils to pick from, the people will go with Heilmann over Phelan. They already associate you as being Phelan’s mouthpiece. Remember that Heilmann and Phelan were close friends before. Do you trust Phelan that he will not treat you the same way? Don’t run your campaign on what Heilmann did wrong, but what you will do that is right.
JustTheFacts December 08, 2012 at 12:51 PM
Fact #1....Andy can do whatever he pleases on "The Patch". Fact #2.....Andy thinks his options are messages from above and he likes to think everyone should follow his word as gospel. He does not have the ability to have a discussion as he throws a hissyfit whenever anyone expresses a different point of view Fact #3: With that mentality and the vehicle of "The Patch" is an unchecked destructive force. Final Fact. Thus given this scenerio the best way to neutralize "Andy" is to ignore him. Yes this will make him stomp his feet harder and throw a tantrum...but eventually he will take his toys and leave and the adults can have a real discussion. That's just the facts.....as I see them.


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