VIDEO: Mayoral Candidate Forum Opening Statements

Watch Dave Heilmann's and Sandra Bury's opening statements from Tuesday's mayoral candidate forum before it hits the airwaves on Ch. 4.

Catch a video preview of Dave Heilmann's and Sandra Bury's opening statements from Tuesday's mayoral candidate forum before it hits the airwaves on Oak Lawn's government access channel.

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Residents packed the cafetorium at Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School to watch the two candidates face off against each other after earlier attempts to schedule a candidate forum fell apart.

Tuesday's forum was organized by the Palos-Orland League of Women Voters and moderated by the league's president, Barbara Pasquinelli.

Heilmann was the first candidate to make a 10-minute opening statement after rolling a two on the die (Bury rolled a one). The candidates went in reverse order for their closing statements.

Watch the videos of their opening statements.

The two candidates exchanged ideas and the occasional jab for a little over an hour. The delayed broadcast of the forum is expected to be up on Oak Lawn's government access TV channel sometime Wednesday afternoon.

Residents can watch the forum in it's entirity on Ch. 4 (Comcast/Xfinity) or Ch. 99 (AT&T).

After you've viewd our videos and/or the forum come back and tell us how you think both candidates performed in the comments.

Come back later for a full recap and more video of the mayoral forum.

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Mary P. O' April 05, 2013 at 01:13 AM
Odelson, Stillman & O'Grady! Jennifer, "Tom Phelan Politics"
Mary P. O' April 05, 2013 at 02:23 AM
The 38-page report compiled by Odelson and Sterk—with assistance by Trustee Tom Phelan, chair of the village board’s finance committee—provides a deeper look into the practices and billings of Tressler, Soderstrom, Maloney & Priess, This Guy and Tom? Oh no sayit isn't sooo.
Mary P. O' April 05, 2013 at 02:56 AM
http://provisoinsider.blogspot.com/2008/06/proviso-board-president-chris-welch_26.html Thursday, June 26, 2008 Proviso Board President Chris Welch Sues Former Proviso Lawyers Burt Odelson and Mark Sterk. Welch Also Sues Former Employer James J. Roche!!! On information and belief, on May 21, 2007, District 209 fired Odelson & Sterk. On information and belief, on or about May 21, 2007, Odelson & Sterk called James Roche, blaming Welch for their impending dismissal as attorneys for District 209, and requested that Welch be fired in retaliation for his role in uncovering Odelson & Sterk’s alleged overbilling and unauthorized charging. On May 21, 2007, after Odelson & Sterk called James Roche, Roche called Welch and left a message for him to report to Roche’s office to discuss his employment status.
Mary P. O' April 05, 2013 at 03:02 AM
On May 21, 2007, Roche told Welch that, if District 209 fires Odelson & Sterk, for allegedly billing the district for legal work that was either not done or not authorized, not to report to work ever again. On May 22, 2007, Roche fired Welch in retaliation for Odelson & Sterk’s firing as counsel for District 209. As a result of his illegal termination, Welch suffered a loss of income. On information and belief, Odelson, Sterk and Roche agreed to try to use Welch’s employment position as leverage to try to coerce him to use his position as Board President of District 209 to get the District to continue to use Odelson & Sterk, despite the fact that Odelson & Sterk were overbilling the District and, when that did not happen, agreed to have Welch terminated at Roche’s firm. It is against pubic policy in Illinois for an individual or group to condition a person’s employment on his approval, in a role unconnected to his employment, of fraudulent billing of a government entity. Based on information provided by the superintendent, Cox said he understood that Odelson and Sterk was attempting to bilk the district out of money. "Basically, they were billing for services that weren't requested but were being handed down," Cox said
Patricia Vlasis April 07, 2013 at 05:23 PM
I have lived in Oak Lawn for over 50 years. I am proud of this Village. There is so much more to discuss. We have wonderful people who give back to this community via Volunteering. They are involved with their Church, the PTO, Little League Baseball, Advocate Hospital and The Ronald McDonald House and of course more including Soup Kitchens, Pantries and Meals on Wheels. I see our High Schol students emulating their parents. They too Volunteer. I see our local high school students helping Seniors and Volunteering at the Hospital. We are a destination for our neighbors with our Children's Museum and Parks. Our children and grandchildren have Park District Activities, Sports, Pools and great schools to attend. We have attracted strong business's and continue to grow. Get involved and care about your surroundings. Be thankful and participate. We are a Village blessed and should be proud.


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