Village Board Approves Sale of Property to Deja Brew

The owners of a popular bar and restaurant want to purchase a rundown, village-owned building adjacent to theirs so they can expand.

It was déjà brew all over again when approved a sale of a village-owned rundown property so that a popular bar and restaurant can expand during Tuesday’s board meeting.

Village board members unanimously approved the sale of a building at 5215 W. 95th St. to the owners of for $150,000, the exact price that the village paid in 1998 when it purchased the property for redevelopment in the Triangle TIF District.

Trustee Bob Streit (Dist. 3) said the village has probably lost at least $15,000 in annual property tax revenue since the property was taken off the tax rolls.

The building is boarded up and has no bathroom, heating or air-conditioning, and the electrical system is also shot. Streit doubted if the building met the village’s building code because of other structural problems.

“The owners are willing to make an investment in our community, which is going to put the property back on the tax rolls, increase sales tax revenue and create jobs,” Streit said. “Undoubtedly this is the highest and best use of the property and the chance to provide a very successful existing business the opportunity to grow and expand.”

Dottie and Luke Rudich, owners of, are willing to buy the building as is. They plan to invest up to $800,000 after the purchase price to bring the building up to code so they can expand their bar and restaurant.

The Rudichs had an appraisal done that valued the property at $110,000 and came to the village with a sales contract. A second bank appraisal valued the property at $200,000. The prospective buyers came back with a counter offer of $150,000.

“They’re not asking the village for a tax incentive program or a sales tax rebate,” Streit said. “They’re not asking the village to give them the property which we see in many of the business proposals that come before us these days.”

“I suppose we could hold out and see if we could get another cell phone store or a mattress store or maybe a cash-for-gold store at that facility after we (the village) fix it up,” Streit added.

Trustee Tom Phelan (Dist. 6) wanted to note for the record, that both appraisals were flawed. One placed the age of the building at 37, the second at 60. There were also discrepancies in the square footage of about 100 square feet.

Phelan took issue with Village Manager Larry Deetjen’s statement that the inaccuracies in both appraisals were “inconsequential.”

"I just don't want to see us fall into a trap a year from now," he said.

Phelan, along with the rest of the village board, approved the sale of the property to the Rudichs for $150,000.

Lorraine Swanson October 04, 2011 at 01:14 AM
That's a good question, Ron. I will ask.
andy skoundrianos October 04, 2011 at 04:18 AM
the 5210 building and the senior center are village owned
JohnEggert October 04, 2011 at 03:49 PM
The 5210 building and the Senior Center are owned by the Village - have been for many decades - but they are neither empty nor unused. The empty store that is being sold has been owned by the Village since Deja Brew first opened under the original owners, and the then business development director stated in no uncertain terms that "we (the Village) have no intention of ever renting it out." There were several prospective tenants interested, but no go. Because the property is in the expanded Triangle TIF, those people wanted to keep it empty so they could use the vacancy statistic to show how unoccupied and "blighted" the area was. You know, ruins like Veli's and Eckerts. The maneuvering and maliciousness in the past cost the Village at least tens of thousands in rent that could have been collected. Though nothing will replace the lost income, the sale takes it off the Village books and puts it back on the property tax generating rolls and takes another empty store off 95th Street.
QC October 05, 2011 at 11:25 PM
WOW! That "Lost SecurityTape", of the Trustees, Larry & Janie sure paid off for the Deja Brew owners didn't it? Although it doesn't hurt that Phelan's family members work there too.
O.L. Taxpayer October 13, 2011 at 06:09 PM
Lost tape or not, Would you like it if the village had to spend the money to bring it up to village standards? Lets ask that question first. Why can the village own property that does not meet its own requirements for safety but we are going around demolishing property of others around the village? Sound like a double standard there huh? So now a business wants to expand into a parcel adjacent to it that is an eyesore and is unsafe and has been allowed to be unsafe in such close prociminty to a couple of successful businesses by the board but because it happens to be a nice place to unwind and have a couple of cocktails and they happened to hire someone related to an official(not a child or spouse or sibling mind you) we should bash them and say they are underhanded in thier dealing of this sale? Your an idiot.


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