What Should Go Here? Does Oak Lawn Need A New Dream Team?

With the consolidated election less than a year away, should we keep the current village board intact or is change needed?

With the consolidated election less than a year away (April 2, 2013), does the need a new dream team?

Six seats are up for election, including the mayor, village clerk and even-numbered trustee districts 2, 4 and 6.

Mayor Dave Heilmann has already

Trustees Alex Olejniczak (Dist. 2), Tom Duhig (Dist. 4) and Tom Phelan (Dist. 6) are up for re-election presuming that they are running.

A special election is also being held for the Dist. 1 seat that was Cindy Trautsch was appointed to take Hurckes’ place last fall.

And the village clerk’s position, currently held by Jane Quinlan, Oak Lawn’s only full-time elected official, is up for renewal.

What changes—if any—would you make on the dais? Does the house need cleaning or should these officials be retained?

Take our poll and tell us whom you’d vote for if the mayoral election were being held tomorrow.

Then come back and tell us in the comments if you think your current trustee is doing a good job or if a change is needed.

Stilltalking May 04, 2012 at 12:19 PM
The fact that Oak Lawn Girl, Oaklawnguy, Andy, or me would show up to a debate does not mean there should be a debate. Like Oaklawnguy said, Heilmann and Hurckes debated last time. Was there a big turnout then? Of course not! Debates don't spur turnout in voting. Some people will not vote no matter what is happening. Either they are happy with the status quo or they don't think their vote matters. Either way, a debate is just a way to get the candidates' supporters to come for their respective candidates. Nobody else cares! If Jane runs, I wouldn't expect her to debate. Her strength is one on one contact. Dave's strength is television. However, I don't know if Jane will run when she can win the clerk spot straight up. The yet to be named candidate polls pretty well. Dave should be worried, based on the nonscientific poll, that the yet to be named candidate may team up with the other top vote getters and give him a run.
star star May 04, 2012 at 01:40 PM
The Mayor and Jane as Clerk is the ultimate dream team. We don't need a clerk who is an attorney. Keep Duhig in district 4, phelan in 6 and Alex in 1. No change needed!
stilltalking May 04, 2012 at 04:45 PM
I don't think the Mayor will go for that ticket. Isn't he in the minority? Why would he agree to take all three of the trustees and stay in the minority? Plus Alex is in 2 unless he moved. Traustch is in 1. I could see him taking Jane, Traustch and maybe Duhig because he's harmless. But I don't see him taking phelan under any circumstances. by the way, what attorney is running for clerk?
Lurkingintheshadows March 24, 2013 at 03:39 AM
Lurkingintheshadows March 24, 2013 at 04:40 AM
I continue to hear talk about change. Is change good? Well, if it's good change. I feel our village is always changing, being honest with ourselves, growth brings more and more new challenges. With these, I want the people at the controls with some level of experience, not to be distracted by things such as, how to be a Village Manager, who signs what, negotiating contracts and agreements on a large scale, learning the personalities, or (Split Personalities) of some of the Trustee's and Un-Trustee's. I have yet to see indication that there has been any history of Public Office, any history of being on any village board, or for that matter, an obligation of any type that would show participation in assisting in the direction of a village or town by Ms. Bury. A business owner yes, and an Optometrist. I am looking for something that I can hang my coat on. Anything that would make me comfortable turning over the direction of the village to a novice. Our current Mayor is no novice in this arena, which by the way, while mentioning arena's...Phelan is on his way out, Alex should follow suit. There now would be some change. Good change. Getting back to business without a continual side show and lack of self control being displayed on their part. The squeeky wheel gets the oil. It also gets replaced. Choose your forum carefully. Not all require or even tolerate boxing gloves and loud voices. Hopefully nobody is offended. If so, you may want to take a look at yourself!


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