Bremen 228 Honors Its Honor Students

Tinley Park High School hosted the Bremen High School District 228 2011 Annual Student Recognition Night Program on Tuesday, honoring students from Bremen, Hillside, Oak Forest and Tinley Park high schools.

was full of relatives and friends cheering on Bremen 228 High School District's honor students during the 2011 Annual Student Recognition Night Program.

Both Board President Debi Stearns and Superintendent Bill Kendall related to the hard work and sacrifice the students did to achieve honor stasis.

Without giving the name of a student, Kendall relayed a great turnaround student success story.

“One student was in my office all the time and not for good reasons. He was almost suspended but turned himself into a honor student and that is what well run academic, sports and activities do to help students be the best they can,” said Kendall.

The night belonged to the students. A total 45 students from each of the four HSD 228 schools were named Honor Students. That’s 180 Honor Students.

Elizabeth Zielinski and Matthew Jemilo were masters of ceremony.

After the ceremony Zielinski said, “It was a great honor to have the honor ceremony at Tinley."

Zielinski added, "Some people might think, 'Hey, it's just a medallion,' but all the students cherish these awards and it is an honor to receive it."

The students each took turns receiving their awards starting with Tinley Park followed by Bremen, then Hillcrest and finished with Oak Forest.

John Busch Jr. who gave a speech for Oak Forest commented after the awards.

“I feel the students really enjoy getting the awards and in front of the other schools even makes it feel like a greater achievement," he said.


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