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Welcome new and continuing readers alike to another edition of Feedback Friday, the feature that features you. We're currently standing at an ever-increasing 1,454 Facebook friends. Please, if you enjoy getting local info and being part of the conversation, let your friends know to "like" us. As a thanks, here are some highlights of what our readers said over the past week:

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The District 233 Board of Education voted unanimously in favor of passing a controversial $26 million H-F High School north building expansion. So far, the responses have been varied. Some are infuriated, others think this could be a very positive addition to our community. Here's a glimpse of how your neighbors feel:

  • Our community is known for its educational opportunities and many fine people move here in part or in total because of the great schools. Our children continue to gain a great education that readies them for their next step, whatever that is. If you've been in the fieldhouse in the last 20 years, you know it is in terrible shape and space is at a premium. It's so overcrowded that students have team practices there anytime between 5:00 am and 11:00 pm. It is my understanding that property taxes will not go up to pay for these improvements and they're not asking us to pass a referendum to pay for it. I personally have no problem with building and campus improvements at H-F HS and believe it is one of the special amenities in our community that makes us shine above others. Also, this project was not a secret and has been discussed openly for quite a while, which can be verified by looking on their website.
  • I can't believe it
  • Great news, this will have such an economic boost to the area for years to come.
  • Iowa is starting to look more and more attractive.
  • It's funny how different the comments can be. One indicating great economic boost to the area while the very next wanting to move out of state. Perspective is interesting.
  • This morning huh? In order to avoid the public from attending this meeting? Maybe from now on they should hold all their meetings that early.....
  • According to today’s Tribune, Homewood Flossmoor High School Dist. ranks second in the state with average administer salaries at an average of $167,237 (no data for # of administrators). The district average ACT Score is 21.3 and 41.9% of juniors scored high enough on at least three of the four parts of the ACT to be considered “college-ready” for key freshman classes. HFHS spends $15, 370 per student. Local property taxes account for 65.5% of funding sources with another 9.6% coming from other local sources. According to the State Board of Education there appears to be an estimated fund balance in the coffers for 2011 of over $56,000,000. Just something to ponder while watching the dust fly for the new “bang for your buck” field house and you must write that next property tax check.
  • So you think this will raise the values of our homes. So this is going to save Flossmoor.
  • Wow - 8:30 a.m. with short notice. Why was this meeting not scheduled with adequate notice at a time when hard-working taxpayers with day jobs can attend, say in the evening like usual??? Oh. Right. We know why.
  • ... Your house is worth half what it was 5 years ago and your taxes are probably twice what they were. And HF wants to spend $26 MILLION? Ya think maybe it's time for a reality check? 
  • So when and where was notice of this "public" meeting posted? Posted outside the Superintendent's office 48 hours and 1 minute beforehand? Buried in some sub-directory on the web site? Let's also teach the kids that they only need to follow the letter of the law, not its spirit! Well played, Von, well played....
  • At 8:30 am on a weekday so the community members who are lucky enough to be employed cannot participate. Wonderful.
  • Ridiculous! They approved it... Not surprising, given the corruption on that Board.
  • Total BS! Such a waste of money!

Thanks again to all our friends for your continued readership and support.

Richard Thomas November 02, 2012 at 10:11 PM
As for, “Wouldn’t it be prudent to be sitting on a surplus?” After this $25million expenditure, the word “prudent” seems to have been redacted form the HFHS board room dictionary.
Anita November 02, 2012 at 11:18 PM
My kids spent many hours in that Fieldhouse and for 8 years I could not understand how a district like ours never fixed it up. It looked like some of the Chicago public schools fieldhouses! I for one am glad that they are spending the money now to improve this facility. Our kids need education and they need the positive skills that sports provide to them, too. There was no room in that building... conditions were terrible. The cheerleaders were working out, doing stunts while other students were practicing their sports in the same space! The safety of our HFHS students should be a priority. Communities that do not provide for the extra-curriculars in schools are the communities that have too many kids wandering streets after school, unsupervised. I applaud the move to improve this facility for the students!
Cheryl Sailor November 03, 2012 at 12:40 AM
HF was ALWAYS too sports orientated to the detriment of other areas of education that will actually have application to adult life! Visually one can see that the majority of space is sports orientated which in my opinion is an absolutely useless waste of time. The only thing I ever learned from the highly competitive HF physical "education" program was how to be stressed and anxious. Virtually nothing from phys ed ever helped me in adult life. So here you have forced activities that have little to no future value and often create anxiety in students rather than alleviate student stress. They should put the money into Science, English, the Arts and Shop classes which absolutely have bearing to the rest of adult life. The size of HF's physical ed program has always ballooned over real education. Perhaps they are training for the .5% who might make it into professional sports while teaching the rest to know what they are looking at when sitting on that couch to watch the unending sports television. I have had these thoughts throughout my 4 years of that school, and are unchanged now, about 40 yrs later. I absolutely do not want to pay into that sports minded system. Disgusting.
Cheryl Sailor November 03, 2012 at 12:45 AM
More on HF sports: There are those extolling sports unendingly, saying things like, their children have learned humility, and ad. nauseam, etc.. Students do not need to learn humility by going through every sport in existence which was the case at HF. The only students I witnessed in my 4 years of forced participation in phys-ed learning humility were those who learned humiliation! Humility can be learned in Math, Science, the Arts and Occupational courses. One does not need to experience bullying and humiliation in forced phys-ed participation which contains NO direct skills for adult life and is only about. "my body is superior to your body." I have never viewed children working positively with each other in their own created teams basically with little to no adult supervision as was the case at HF. The only, "team work" I witnessed was the immature survival of the most popular. We also had FORCED attendance Pep Rally's which I thought then and now to be some sort of Sports Jungen to brainwash the masses into being good obedient sports fans for life. The Arts and anything not sports related had FAR less money, space, facilities a lotted to them. And somehow, I find that it's Math and English skills that we tend to use every day as adults, not how to kick a leather ball with all the useless and or painful memories attached to it. The Board's decision should be nullified, and the citizens to be taxed for this useless endeavor should be able to vote on it.
Ashton Jones April 30, 2013 at 02:36 PM
Fix the path first. Im a student their , and the fact that i have to walk outside to get to class is absolutely ridiculous, and stupid.


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