What Should Go Here? The Old Oak Lawn Fresh Market

There is a big gaping vacancy at the Green Oak Plaza at 95th Street and Cicero Avenue that used to be occupied by a produce market. Tell us what should go there.

There never seemed to be a lot of shoppers at the Oak Lawn Fresh Market in the Green Oak Plaza, probably because the produce bins were empty most of the time. Peering through the windows, the storefront seems to be in pretty good shape, with a cement floor.

TELL US what type of business you'd like to see occupy this 17,400-square-foot retail space at 95th Street and Cicero Avenue?

The space offers 17,400 square feet waiting to be filled by a new business. The parking lot is in good shape and well marked. It also comes with its own rear service drive. Considering that the former supermarket went through two owners, should another grocery store go in there?

Peering through the windows, it's a deceptively huge space that could be turned into something great.

Robin Realty is leasing the property. What types of business would you like to see occupy the storefront at 9503 S. Cicero? Another "casual fast dining" restaurant? A gourmet food shop? An Apple Store? A boutique?

trojan 35 March 27, 2012 at 03:59 AM
It won't happen 2nd mayor doesn't have the votes
trojan 35 March 27, 2012 at 04:03 AM
That deal with the Mason's is DOA The trustees,well a majority of them don't want to spend 750,000 designed to repair roads to go to expanding the village green for an ice skating rink!!! That's the Mayor's hairbrained scheme all for his re-election campaign. It won't happen
2nd March 27, 2012 at 02:44 PM
trojan 35: a meeting for neighbors regarding the Masonic Temple purchase and relocate deal has been called for 7pm on 4/2/12 at the Senior Center. Invite doesn't say Village is asking for residents opinion of the deal, just that they are asking what the residents would like to see on that land. Just as residents weren't asked about the purchase of the Edgar Funeral Home, the Board Meeting notes indicate that the Village is going to do in the same way - without telling the taxpayers what they are doing.
Richard March 27, 2012 at 03:48 PM
I'm another of those who drive to Orland Park to shop at Trader Joe's.... so I'd love to have one closer to home. On the other hand, it looks to me as though the food stores we've already got don't see a market for (for example) organic produce, low-sodium variations of processed foods, etc. (One exception: You can get organic berries at Pete's Fresh Market in Evergreen Park.) And I agree that Trader Joe's (and Whole Foods even more so) assumes a certain customer base in terms of income and sophistication (for lack of a better word for describing being a savvy and health-conscious shopper). And-- Trader Joe's stores mostly are rather small (the one in Orland Pk is probably one of the larger ones since they expanded at one point), so I bet the space at 95th/Cicero is too big for them. And there's no point in speculating as to what should go into existing structures at 111th/Cicero since the village wants to radically redevelop the whole site.
Lorraine Swanson March 27, 2012 at 05:59 PM
Thanks so someone who appropriated a village trustee's identity, I'm shutting down the comment board. Sir, you will be dealt with appropriately.


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