OPEN LETTER: Oak Lawn Lifer Jumps Into Dist. 6 Trustee Race

Life-long Oak Lawn resident and mom of three Carol Ellis-Sheahan announces her candidacy for sixth district trustee for the Village of Oak Lawn.



 I am writing my neighbors to announce that I am a candidate for Dist. 6 trustee for the Village of Oak Lawn.

As a lifelong Oak Lawn-resident, I live one block from where I was raised. I attended Lawn Manor School, graduated from Atwood Heights School District 125, attended H.L. Richards High School and graduated from Northern Illinois University. I received the sacraments at St. Catherine of Alexandria. My three children attend Kolmar Avenue School.

I have yet to serve in public office but I have served my community and church:

  • Kolmar PTA – current member, Market Day chair, membership chair, fundraising
  • St.  Catherine – lifelong parishioner                                                       
  • Kolmar Preschool Association – past president                 
  • Oak Lawn Green Team – member                                                     
  • St. Catherine - lector 20 years                                                     
  • Catholic Charities Golf Invitational committee member                  
  • Oak Lawn Lion’s Club – member
  • Lifesource – committed platelets and ALYX donor                  
  • Girl Scouts – parent aide
  • Johnson-Phelps VFW – Poppy Day volunteer                                    
  • St. Catherine – past co-president Women’s Club
  • Oak Lawn Baseball and Softball Board – current vice president, manager and coach

I’m teaching my children to serve and to invest their time where they live. My husband, Jim, understood my desire to stay in this tight-knit neighborhood with excellent schools, wonderful churches and a thriving community.

I want to help move Oak Lawn forward. I will work with the trustees toward the betterment of the Village. We all have one goal: make Oak Lawn greater every day. I want negotiating meetings with Village employees to come to mutually agreed-upon decisions. We both want what’s best for the Village and its employees.

Our residents need to come together for the safety of our district. Currently, I am helping implement a safety team with our residents to monitor activities in our district to stop crime before it happens. I will work closely on the 111th Street and Cicero Avenue development to bring the right retailers to residents.

A trustee is to be the voice of the people they serve. People have said that being a trustee is a thankless position and a lot of work. I’ve been asked, “Who wants THAT job? It’s all headaches and problems of other people.” I do. I want to help people in my neighborhood. I want them to have someone they can turn to for answers. I will return every contact and ensure I’ve addressed their issue.  I want the job. I would be proud and honored to be elected your trustee.

I support Mayor Heilmann and believe that he and Melissa Moran as Village Clerk will provide excellent leadership for Oak Lawn families.  They share the same values that I do: sense of community, safety in our neighborhoods, effective use of tax dollars and expanding business development within the Village. 

Although the election is not until April 2013, we are setting up volunteers and coordinators throughout the 6th District now and I would love to have you join us. If you have questions, concerns or can help volunteer your time, please contact me at carolfortrustee@gmail.com.

Next Door December 19, 2012 at 09:21 PM
hey Brad - TP does not have brash ways. They are evil, mean and cruel ways. If he is so qualified why is the FBI investigating his doings?
Tick Tock December 21, 2012 at 01:03 PM
UH oh bm I think you need to cancel your friends victory party.
bm December 21, 2012 at 02:42 PM
Keep talking phalen. Digging your own grave is easy to do when your sweating. ;)
bm December 21, 2012 at 08:34 PM
Yes u made a funny with Bm however, Mr. Phalen, "TP" fits you just fine. Ill think of u everytime I go and well you know, clean myself off. ;)
scouter December 28, 2012 at 08:18 PM
And all of the nasty comments are why we need a change in our Village board... She's not the only candidate - all should be looked at for what they would be able to bring to the table and HELP our Village board stop this insanity...


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