Are There Gangs In Your Neighborhood? Check Patch's Gang Graffiti Map

Graffiti is the Satan's Disciples' handiwork. An interactive map of gang graffiti reported in Oak Lawn.

Are there gangs in your neighborhood? One sign of gang activity is the graffiti they leave behind on light poles, playground equipment, traffic signs, commercial buildings, fences and garage doors—all canvasses for Oak Lawn-area gangbangers.

Whether gang members are hanging out at the corner park or just passing through—the presence of gang graffiti is an indication that your neighborhood has been claimed or being eyed as gang turf.

READ: Gangbangers Leave Mark on Oak Lawn

Patch’s interactive map shows where gang graffiti has been found in the past year, documented in . What gangs are active in and around Oak Lawn? Some of the names we’ve come across in police reports are Satan’s Disciples, Latin Counts, Latin Kings, Ambrose (aka as Almighty Ambrose) and Gangster Two-Six.

Did you find a Playboy rabbit head logo spray-painted on your garage door? A Hef fan didn’t leave it—that’s a prominent symbol of Gangster Two-Six Nation, aka as GTS, G26 and TSN (“Two-Six Nation,” get it?). Chicago police describe G26 as one of the largest Mexican street gangs in Chicago, originating 30 years ago in Little Village along 26th Street. The gang has spread to other towns and counties. Sworn enemies of the Latin Kings, G26 includes large contingents of Hispanic and white members.

If you find gang graffiti on residential, commercial or illage-owned property, it’s important to get rid of it as fast as you can. Call the non-emergency number, 708-499-7721, to report incidents of gang graffiti, so police can track gang factions’ movements throughout the village.

Take a picture of the graffiti; you may need it for insurance purposes and also send the photo to Oak Lawn Patch editor Lorraine Swanson at lorraine.swanson@patch.com. Include the block or intersection where the graffiti was found and we’ll add it to the gallery of gang graffiti, so other residents can also know where gangs are in the village.

Patch has also emailed a list of questions about gang activity in Oak Lawn to OLPD. As soon as we get answers, we'll do a follow-up story.

We haven’t recorded all of the incidents of gang graffiti, but we’re going to be paying more attention from now on. We’ll update the map on Patch when new graffiti is reported.

We've also included incidents of tagging on the map. While usually not gang-related, taggers' defacement of private and public property is not only annoying and destructive, it costs taxpayers money to clean it off of government-owned property.

Reporting gang graffiti to police lets the gangbangers know that this is our neighborhood--not theirs!

Did we miss some gang graffiti? Let us know in the comments and we'll add it to the map.

Dave W. June 26, 2012 at 07:18 PM
10910, HUH? What does what you said have to do with ANYTHING anybody above mentioned? What does a 'true Realtor' realize? Anybody can own property pretty much anywhere not government owned in America. Any true upright walking primate would realize THAT. Are YOU saying that there are a bunch of Oak Lawn residents that ALSO own property in gang-infested areas? By extension of THAT thought, do you think they are serving as outposts for those gangs? TO BE CLEAR: I do not know what you are implying, and I'm NOT being sarcastic in that question. I don't know; perhaps you have knowledge of this taking place. Is this fact or is it some presumptive theory to fit a predisposition? If it is fact...wow, that is scary. If it is the latter...wow, nice scare tactic, you should work for the other two on this thread of like mind. (Also, couldn't help but notice that you spelled "Einstein" incorrectly, of all things.) As noted above, a 'true Realtor' cannot discriminate, even if they were raised by small-minded hooligans with no imaginations or their racism was 'hidden' behind what they would claim would be concern for 'their' town. The folly of such thought processes is documented throughout history. It never works in the long term, and only causes additional strife in the short term. Lastly, a few complain that they don't like what I write, but no one has comeback with anything resembling facts or points of logic. Just more of how I 'claim' to be right. By ALL means, prove me wrong!
RobertS June 26, 2012 at 07:29 PM
"Lastly, a few complain that they don't like what I write, but no one has comeback with anything resembling facts or points of logic. Just more of how I 'claim' to be right. By ALL means, prove me wrong!"—Dave W. Why? Life goes on...We are all entitled to our opinions and beliefs. One man's reality is another man's fantasy. Have a great day!
anthony June 26, 2012 at 07:39 PM
If directed at you, the poster is saying you are an agent or rent properties in Oak Lawn and the ghetto . If it is an "in general comment" the poster is saying they get directed here from Ghetto friendly agents ... Sounds eiriely like the 95th and Harlem deal Lucky that one ws dismissed... But bigger point why involve the fed about housing discrimination? When it is easier just to make things hard on any undesirable tenant or business owner with selective enforcement...
Dave W. June 26, 2012 at 07:52 PM
RobertS, you are correct, we are all entitled to our opinions and our beliefs. I disagree with some, agree with others...when I disagree, I point out facts or post links or at least use logic to support my statements. When somebody like calling YouOut disagrees, all they do is try to intimidate and deflect. The irony is that I'm trying to have a reasonable debate with people who have no reason behind thier opinion, or know that their 'reason' is so ridiculous, they would embarrass themselves to post it. They are SO outraged, though, that they cannot NOT reply, so they do with petty insults or obfuscations of actual facts. THAT is why I ask for soemthing like proof. The whole country has become polariazed because nobody thinks anything needs explanation anymore. If they think it, it MUST be so. MY posts are long BECAUSE I explain my rationale. OF COURSE I am not always right. But in a civilized society, we should have respect enough for intellectual thought (if not each other, apparently) to offer substantive reasons or logic behind our opiniojns when we put them forth in a public forum. Half of Congress isn't even around when politicians speak! Without vigorous debate, we are ALL just screaming into a vacuum. I THINK I'm right, but who doesn't? Who purposely posts WRONG things? All I ask is that we have a real discussion, not just sling mud like children at a playground. That does not raise our social consciousness. Is that too much to ask? I hope not.
Dave W. June 26, 2012 at 08:02 PM
anthony, I do not believe that the poster was specifically talking to me in this instance. I could be mistaken, but I think they were going with the 'general comment'. Could you describe a 'Ghetto friendly' agent? What was supposes to happen at 95th and Harlem? It isn't a matter of agents (well, usually) involving the fed with housing discrimination. A simple phone call by any client who even suspects discrimination is all it takes to unleash a torrent of bureaucratic pain on an office and/or agent. The government follows up allegations like that seriously. I've been doing this since well before the current administration, it doesn't matter who is in charge, it is federal law. Even people that rent property (or sell) without an agent get caught for discrimination, all the time. Any agent redlining people will NOT have a place to be an agent for long. "Undesireable" strictly from the legal perspective, is somebody that has 'bad' financials. Anything else is a lawsuit waiting to happen.


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