Oak Lawn Village Clerk: Jane Quinlan

Jane Quinlan is running as an independent for her third term as Oak Lawn Village Clerk.

Name:  Jane M. Quinlan

Position sought: Oak Lawn Village Clerk

Campaign Contact Information:

Personal Information:

  • Age:  56
  • Family:  Married 37 years to Walter (Pat) Quinlan, mother of Colleen  White (Peter), Walter (Jessica), John (Megan) and Timothy ( Ashley); Grandmother of Gracie, Ellie, Maggie, Peter Michael and Walter Patrick V.
  • Time Living in Oak Lawn:  56 years
  • Education:  Graduate of St. Catherine of Alexandria Grammar School, Mother McAuley High School, Southwest School of Business and  attends classes through the University of Illinois, Springfield. 
  • Occupation:  Oak Lawn Village Clerk
  • Political Party Affiliation:  Independent
  • Previous Elected Offices:  Elected Oak Lawn Village Clerk in 2005 and 2009 and elected Vice President of the South & West Municipal Clerk’s Association in 2012.
  • Applicable experience qualifying you for the position: For the past 8 years I have built working relationships with our residents and many Village entities and surrounding communities.  I have worked hard to become the first Registered and Certified Municipal Clerk in Oak Lawn and am currently working toward the status of Master

Municipal Clerk, the highest achievement for a Municipal Clerk.  I am currently the Vice President of the South & West Municipal Clerk’s Association which brings many positives to our community. 

Candidate Questions:

Use as much space as you need.

1.  What is the primary reason you are running for this office?

Why not?  It’s a job that I’ve enjoyed for 8 years, especially the contact with our residents.  I love being a public servant and helping people.  As “Keeper of the Records, my job is to always protect the records of the Village.  Transparency of Village records has always been a priority for me, when the public requests information.

2.    Why do you deserve to be elected/reelected?  What sets you apart from the other candidate(s)? 

I feel I deserve to be able to continue assisting the entire community with honesty and integrity as I have done for the past 8 years.  What sets me apart from other candidates, are my accomplishments in those 8 years.  Having an open door policy to make residents comfortable with government, has become a positive for our administrative offices at the Village of Oak Lawn.  Residents like to see their elected officials in person.  Assisting the Board of Trustees in a professional manner has always been my goal.  Receiving continuing education through the International Institute of Municipal Clerks has given me the knowledge to do the job with confidence. 

3.  What are the three issues in the Village that you feel need to be     addressed right away?  Why are these issues important?

Safety of our community will always be the most important issue everyday, as it has been in my 8 years as Village Clerk.  Our Police Department works diligently 24/7 to ensure our safety. 

Keeping existing businesses in our town is critical, along with attracting new businesses.  Having a positive attitude toward businesses does nothing but enhance our business community. 

Finding ways to bring more revenue into the Village is always a challenge in tough economic times.  Not raising taxes has to always be a top priority for the Village. 

4. Give one example of how you would work with an adversarial Village Board?

I have worked with an adversarial Village Board for the past 4 years. When you maintain a professional demeanor, you can work with anyone.

5. Should Advocate Christ Medical Center be required to pay impact fees and permit fees for future expansion?  Why or why not? 

Advocate Christ Medical Center is a prominent hospital that is very important to our community.  I believe Advocate should pay their fair share of fees, just like all of the other businesses in our community.  As I am not a voting member of the Village Board, I do not have a vote on this issue. 

6.  Should there be a cap on video gaming licenses granted to new businesses coming to Oak Lawn?  Why or why not?

I do support a cap on video gaming licenses for new businesses, but that is a Village Board decision, so I do not have a vote on this issue.  Oak Lawn is a family community and I believe our existing businesses do a fine job.

7. What do you like best about Oak Lawn?

My “Sentimental Journey” for 56 years in the Village of Oak Lawn….Oak Lawn is a town that I love, and I always want the best for our residents….


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