Phelan Reacts to Streit Attacks With ‘Package’

Trustee Tom Phelan offers seven detailed pdfs answering allegations that he used questionable contracting, accounting and management practices while using Fall On the Green to reward allies and punish enemies.

Oak Lawn Trustee Tom Phelan (Dist. 6) has responded to allegations of unaccounted for food vouchers, questionable beer and Mai Tai sales, and abuse of VIP tent passes related to Fall On the Green with a “full response package.”

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The package—consisting of seven pdfs—answer points raised iof the annual fall festival while under Phelan’s watch as chair of the special events committee.

Once a money-losing event for village taxpayers, Phelan brought Fall On the Green into the black, turning a $50,000 profit, which to date, no one on the village board has disputed. Phelan assumed the role of village board liaison to the special events committee after he was elected in 2005.

Read the pdfs.

Phelan was ousted as special events liaison at the May 22 village board meeting and reassigned to the quality control committee that hasn’t met in six years. Mayor Dave Heilmann said that Phelan was also relieved of his duties as village board liaison to the Oak Lawn Fire Department, a relationship described by some firefighters as “acrimonious.”

In his June 1 press release, Streit said he was “shocked by the number of issues raised and questionable practices alleged and I believe the board has a duty to act to determine the validity of these actions.”

Streit, who replaced Phelan as special events committee liaison, alleged that Phelan allowed some liquor sales to take place that deviated from the normal practice of purchasing drink tickers “without a clear record of the destiny of the proceeds.”

He also accused Phelan of hiring family members to work at the event, personally negotiating vendor contracts and of missing food vouchers that had to be “reimbursed by public funds.”

Streit said he was “troubled” that the village reimbursed vendors $5,274 and at least “1,263 food vouchers distributed by Trustee Phelan are unaccounted for at the village.” Streit added village records indicated that Phelan gave 780 beer vouchers to Trustee Alex Olejniczak during last year’s Fall On the Green.

Asked to see proof of the accusations against Phelan, Streit told several news media outlets to file freedom of information act requests with the village. A request for an audit of Fall On the Green is on Tuesday’s village board agenda.

Following the May 22 board meeting, the mayor told Southtown-Star that he had also received complaints that Olejniczak had “overstepped his bounds as trustee by twice interfering with police reports to protect friends.”

Both Phelan and Olejniczak are said to be seeking an attorney to possibly file a defamation lawsuit.

In his seven pdfs, Phelan responds to and explains the “knowingly false and slanderous statements” made against him by Streit and Heilmann.

Oak Lawn Patch includes Phelan’s “full response package” in its entirety:

  • PDF 1 1200 unaccounted for complimentary meal passes given out by Trustee Phelan to his friends and political supporters.
  • PDF 2 –Trustee Phelan used VIP sponsor tent tickets for political purposes and that VIP tent became Phelan’s “personal party.”
  • PDF 3 –Trustee Olejniczak benefitted complimentary meal and drink tickets.
  • PDF 4 - Special Events Liaison Trustee Tom Phelan directed use of questionable contracting practices, accounting practices and anagement practices.
  • PDF 5 - Phelan directed liquor sales to deviate from the normal purchase, sale and accounting procedures.
  • PDF 6 – Phelan hired relatives to sell items at fest without adhering to normal solicitation procedures.
  •  PDF 7 - Special Events Liaison Trustee Tom Phelan personally negotiated contracts for Fall On the Green festival and micro-managed special events.
anthony June 19, 2012 at 07:37 PM
nope Dave said it eloquently and correctly on many posts.. Fearful wrong word Better word biased or "have something to hide"... Besides if one is posting for public record one must use the real name... The laugh for me was on another post...A bigwig posts his real name Not thinking people will realize he you work there Of course you will say that. Has a talented life... why get a new one ? I thought i was the only one that could switch lives like clothes...
Dave W. June 19, 2012 at 07:48 PM
WishOne, I don't have a real problem with people being anonymous in general...I have problems with cowards like YOU, for instance, who ONLY create a fake profile to target specific people (In this case me, but not always). THAT is called bullying, which is ironic, since you mention that problem specifically. I have NO superior attitude...in fact, it is quite the opposite. I view myself as quite average...which is why I always feel that if *I* can understand something, or if *I* can figure out the way things are, I don't understand why other people cannot. Attacking me, or others for having an opinion (especially one backed up by logic or facts) does NOTHING to solve the problems of this town. In the end, 98% of what is posted by ANYBODY on this board is under the radar or of no concern to the people being posted about. Personal attacks on each other is more than pointless, though, it is uncivil, which is exacerbated by the anonymity. I don't see how it moves the agenda of improving the town forward. Disagreeing with people is great, it provides friction of thoughts and motivates people to action (sometimes). To say or imply that I'm the only one to 'judge' people on here is absolutely laughable on its face, WIshOne. That is what these boards are rife with, in case you have only just started reading them. Meet me in person, and say what you want to MY face. Nobody's 'client base' need be harmed. (Mine is doing great this year.) Otherwise, YOU are the bully AND the coward.
Dave W. June 19, 2012 at 08:15 PM
Watch out, anthony...you used your 'real name'...they will be after you next...these opinion boards are not for opinions or thoughts...you are ONLY supposed to agree with those thoughts or opinions that belong to the cognoscenti that think they know best how to run things, even if hardly anything substantive ever gets accomplished. Outside thoughts will NOT be tolerated. You will be pounced on by bullies. Know how we can tell they are bullies? Because anybody can write to another specific poster in a private message, but they choose to do it in public to try and intimidate those that they disagree with with childish, personal attacks. You've been warned...they do it with lots of people...notice how quiet a few of the regulars have gotten on here lately? Wonder why...
WishOne June 20, 2012 at 11:29 AM
Dave W you are ignorant of the law. You say "People say things about the 'Open meetings Act' or laws...I'm not even speaking exactly to those" well Einstein that "law" is what dictates all actions of any governing board in this state. You can't name 1 specific time any local official broke this law but only speak in vague generalities because you are ignorant and apparently in "Dave's world" where real life laws don't apply.
Dave W. June 20, 2012 at 07:57 PM
Aw, you're back, WishOne, that's nice. How is your odd, personal vendetta against me going today? Still trying to bully me into not posting for whatever odd self-aggrandizing reasons you may have? To be MORE specific, I did NOT name a specific time because of two simple facts. ONE is that I wasn't speaking to what a law may state, but to the greater concept, or spirit of what PUBLIC meetings should be...you know, PUBLIC. I'm not saying there are NO reasons for private session. I'm saying they should be rare, and clearly defined for the voters of Oak Lawn (or any constituency, but I'm keeping it local). Not sure why that SO offends you. It is just bizarre. Again, you seem to root FOR secrecy when you scream so loud against my just asking for less. As for two: I cannot name one even if I wanted; why? Is it because it never happened? Perhaps, yes, of course. Logic dictates that. HOWEVER, it could also be a 'known unknown'. Meaning that it is POSSIBLE, but if it is KEPT secret from the public, how would the public EVER know? If Deepthroat hadn't come forth, would the public have ever known about Watergate? Um, no. You CLEARLY don't know me. I'm THE law-abiding guy. I'm NOT saying people should violate confidentiality agreements or anything like that. I'm saying I wish there were none. Is it just a dream? Perhaps; so what? Is it somehow evil to wish for transparency of my elected officials? Only guilty people hide things, WishOne, especially repeatedly. What are YOU hiding?
fakerealtor June 20, 2012 at 08:16 PM
Why does Dave always have to have the last word? And yell so much in those caps? stop it already will ya?
Dave W. June 20, 2012 at 09:13 PM
NO. (CAPS aren't only for yelling, they are used to show inflection when writing without being able to use italics or bold. New to the interweb, are you? Now we might know who spawned WishOne...nice. You 'two' should get together and knit and talk about your obsession with all things me.) Andy might have gotten run off, but you won't cyberbully me off. If I get busy, I'm gone; if not I'm here if I see something interesting...I'm guessing like everybody else. If you do not like what I have say,(or anybody else's opinion, for that matter) feel VERY free to never read comments again. These are public boards, and I follow the terms of use. You and WishOne are so oddly petty about this...it does make one wonder where you find such angst for somebody NOT posting anything personal against YOU. What is the deal with THAT? SO weird. (Still NOT yelling...inflecting.) As for your attempts (along with your partner in slime, WIshOne) to (cyber)bully me... Stop it, already, will ya? Word.
andy skoundrianos June 21, 2012 at 02:42 AM
Hey Dave nobody bullied me Man If I don't want to blog I won't .I'm sitting back waiting for the S#*% to hit the fan...
QC June 21, 2012 at 03:29 AM
WO aka JO I'm SURE you'll get more than just ONE, ....but it wont be a "wish"! LOL
QC June 21, 2012 at 03:35 AM
Janie It's time to rope in your "Boys". Take away their computers, come on----be responsible for a change!
QC?? June 21, 2012 at 05:07 AM
Hey QC= Da Mayor Why were you not at the award dinner for Police Chief Villanova?? Oh yeah too busy as usual wonder if you were at Oakview for your fabulous Theater productions?? Man you call yourself Mayor??
QC June 21, 2012 at 04:26 PM
WO "People say things about the 'Open meetings Act' or laws...I'm not even speaking exactly to those" well Einstein that "law" is what dictates all actions of any governing board in this state. You can't name 1 specific time any local official broke this law" WELL "Einstein", I can.... The Secret Meetings held at Stony Creek!!! Although the ATTORNEY GENERAL, ONE LISA MADIGAN, ruled against it being a violation, or that local officials BROKE THE LAW. We ALL know that it did indeed happen and they were given a "Pass" from Madigan.
QC June 21, 2012 at 04:29 PM
is this just a 1-person paranoid conspiracy theorist liking hearing himself shout online? Yes. And that would be YOU TOM
Dave W. June 21, 2012 at 05:58 PM
Andy, I'm glad to see that, actually. Even though we don't often agree, I don't like how some people are trying to silence others with ridicule or intimidation. ESPECIALLY when they start off DECRYING bullying! Have they never HEARD of the word 'hypocrisy'? Personal attacks do nothing to help this town. Even disagreement talked about honestly but with civility is constructive. What these people do is whine and attack but offer nothing substantive. I do not know if these poeple are trustees, their friends or relatives, or just random citizens...ultimately, it doesn't much matter. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but childish attacks behind fake names? Fakes names to protect against retribution for honest, fair thoughts, I get, because CLEARLY there are some petty people floating around on these boards, with thin skins and emotion, not not logic fueling there writing. Creating a fake profile JUST to attack people (not just me, or YOU, Andy, but anyone that they don't like) is just so cowardly...it seems like somehow THAT should be in the Patch rules, because obviously rules of social decorum alone are not enough for such milksops. Glad you are still around Andy. Without opposition does rise tyranny.
snagear June 21, 2012 at 10:56 PM
Dave you always have to have that final word dontyou? YOu want to give off the impression that you genuinely care for this community but if you did you might volunteer your time and talents instead of attacking people on here. Call me a coward but i haven't lost my client base & I'm still in business.
Barbara June 22, 2012 at 04:16 AM
Einstein QC, The attorney general "gave them a pass"? Pass the pipe! The attorney general ruled that there wasn't a violation because it isn't a violation. Elected officials can get together and not schedule a meeting. It is only a violation when village business is discussed and they determine how they will vote. The meeting at Stony creek had nothing to do with village business. It was a gathering of trustees, citizens and the clerk to fight a fraudulent petition scheme which they did....So, Einstein you still owe us one example
Dave W. June 22, 2012 at 05:20 AM
Wow, snagear, another created profile, ONLY to complain about me? Of course, you want to call me out (over what?) and then you will (probably with ANOTHER fake profile) complain about me posting THIS, right? You are the weirdest stalker EVER. Not that I need report to you, but I DO volunteer in the community. Here's the thing: I don't feel compelled to advertise it, because that isn't what it about, at least not for me. Have for years, mulitple places, mulitple ways. Who do I attack that has your knickers up in such a bunch, anyway? You keep saying that, but I don't say anything that lots of other people don't say. What did I say about WHO in particular that has YOU so all atwitter? Okay, you are a COWARD. Congratulations to you and your client base, who are served by a bizarre, cowardly stalker with no logical reason for your actions. Yay for you, you raging weirdo. Maybe you have me confused with somebody else. I'm not ONLY STILL in business, I literally just had my best month in years, my client base (about which you seem so concerned) is GROWING exponentially this year, and I'm so busy, I'm replying to you at 12:15am because I just got done with the last of my work. Glad you are still in business, times are tough, and I wish nobody hard times, even people with serious issues such as yourself. My IMPRESSION is that you are personally hurt by something, and you won't just write to me, you want to vilify me. Who FAKES caring about the town they live in? For what?
snagear June 22, 2012 at 12:30 PM
Dave W There has to be multiple readres on hjere annoyed by your painfully long commentary and excessive inappropriate uuse of inflection. don't flatter yourself that replies to your posts are stalkerish. with that rationale you'd be a stalker yourself. You have publicly buikt yourself up as a local real estate expert using your real name and even cite where you live & who you vote for, cmon! What concerns me about you is how you are publicly willing to attack people including women. Since you are a man that makes you a coward. Do you often ridicule men and women to their face or just on comment boards under the guise of caring for your community? your fake concern for this community is clear if you look back at your comments you have ridiculed and personally attacked not only men but women on here. Dont expect not to be called out on it by many.
Homegrown in OL June 22, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Geeze, don’t you think we are all getting off track here? Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech regardless if we agree or disagree. I rather enjoy what Dave W. has to say and I have no idea who he really is regardless if he is using his real name or not. You guys are acting like the Board of Trustees. For all I know, maybe you are the Board of Trustees. I respect that even if that were true, you are also entitled to your opinion and have the freedom to say what you like. Perhaps the problem with our Board and the people commenting here is a lack of respect for both each other and our laws. Didn’t your mother teach you that it is not nice to call people names?
Homegrown in OL June 22, 2012 at 09:12 PM
Dave W. June 24, 2012 at 08:04 AM
snagear, as you and 'others' hide behind fake profiles, we/I have NO idea who you are, therefore we have logically no clue if you are different people or the same person posting as multiples to 'enhance' your side of things, especially sinceit is such a bizarre and weak point you (fail to) make. Unless you come clean about who you are I will work on the presumption that you are one actual entity with one very oddly specific agenda...anti-me. If 'you' aren't a stalker, explain your obsession? I don't swear, I attempt to be literate, I never put myself out as better than others in any way that speaks to things of which I don't have any knowledge...what is your major malfunction? I speak either as somebody with a working knowledge of specific topics (such AS real estate) or just as what I think most normal people would agree is common sense or logic. I always disclaim wehn I talk about something that I'm not sure about with that caveat. YOU might know my name, I'm sure plenty don't...not a big deal either way, but I'm just me, all the time. not 'other' me's, posting uder fake names (I don't think I could hide my writing style, for better or worse). Patch limits the commentaries; don't READ them if it is too much for you. Do you write to other blogs and complain that people have TOO long of comments there too? The newspapers? Do you write them and ask they limit how long a response is because it is 'too long' for you to read all at once? Why not just SKIP mine? DUH!
Dave W. June 24, 2012 at 08:19 AM
snagear, I KNOW this is going to make you apoplectic, but try and hang in there...get a water, do some deep breathing...sit, relax, chant or something. NOW: I attack WOMEN? Like, specifically picking out women as a gender because...they're women? WHEN...EVER? I said "Women really are bad because..."? Oh wait, I NEVER said anything like that, EVER. You only continue to prove you have NO clue who I am. I am SO VERY PRO-women it is hilarious for you to even mention this. ANYBODY who knows me knows this. You are delusional to the 'enth' degree! I work in an industry saturated with them! I have regularly posted in other forums that I do not understand why women don't rule the world! You are just clueless! Stop yourself already. The ONLY women in SPECIFIC I may have called attention to would be those in the PUBLIC forum. Are they to be exempt from critique because they are women, even though they have chosen a public standing in the community? In fact, I can only recall (which, I admit may not be perfect) only two women I've EVER referenced at ALL in Patch, the lady trustee in town, whom I only mentioned wanted to have meeting end early after not even being elected to her post and had NOTHING to do with her being a woman, and Dr. Sandra Bury, with whom I have been both in agreement and disagreement over issues, but have NEVER levied personal remarks at, ever. "Since I am a man"? Says the FAKE profiler? Come back when you have ANY credibilty. In person, to anybody, anytime.
Dave W. June 24, 2012 at 08:43 AM
Homegrown in OL...because I truly do not think of capitalization as 'yelling' I didn't realize why you wrote THIS for 'emphasis'...it took me a moment, and then I laughed. Glad you enjoy what I write, even if you have no idea who I am (which some might argue makes you not the only one...). For the record, I am NOT (for emphasis) on the village board. (Heck, write me if you want my number or email, and I will TALK to you like a civilized human being too. As I have invited 'OTHERS'...others...well OTHER others, have also written to me, in support, which is quite nice, gratifying, even, though most are a little hesitant to do so, BECAUSE they fear reprisals from the "OTHERS'. I find it all very odd and kind of sad that this goes on in a supposedly civil society.) I do not have ANY clue if they other poster is a board member or not. I'm not an insider of any type with that respect, so I just don't know. I only know they have taken up a weird fascination with me, which, if you were to know me, is actuall pretty hilarious. I could NOT be more mundane in most other respects. I do not see myself as special, but apparently it seems that some that do have taken umbrage with me, and now I hae an opinion that seems to matter more to them than even to me. This is a discusion board on PATCH! How much insular can a discussion become than a message board on a local news blog?! (No offense, Lorraine! [...or any other women!]) I don't pretend this changes the world, why do they?
QC June 24, 2012 at 06:26 PM
snagear Jane you are so full of it!! You didn't mind being on the side of the slimy weasels ripping Mrs Sodaro, Lynn, and the female attorney for Sodaro with obscene remarks and dragging them through the mud last election. What a joke you are janie.
QC June 24, 2012 at 06:35 PM
Funny thing is the "FORMER UNITY PARTY" accused others of "attack -ing" (the exact words) every time someone disagreed, or even just had an opinion OR JUST BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO BULLY! Same old, same old.
QC June 24, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Barbara LOL I stand by my statement.
QC June 24, 2012 at 06:40 PM
Right li'l andy. Now you're again blogging under fake names!!!!!!! Man lol
QC June 24, 2012 at 06:41 PM
OK You're a COWARD
anthony June 25, 2012 at 04:28 AM
Quality controls little mocking outbursts show the party in charge worries Mr Skoundrianos has a shot at winning......
anthony June 25, 2012 at 04:31 AM
Snagear makes a good point ...Must be about who ya know.....Or who ya make money for....


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