Gimme 5: Future is Bright for Oak Lawn's Campin, VandeWerken

Ryan Campin and Ken VandeWerken are two of Oak Lawn's most talented bowlers--and they're only sophomores.

At Oak Lawn, there is a feeling that the next boys bowling season can't come soon enough.

Two sophomores have the Spartans dreaming of making more noise in the postseason in the years to come. Ryan Campin and Ken VandeWerken advanced to the IHSA state tournament two weeks ago. Campin placed 43rd and  VandeWerken placed 50th in the competition at St. Clair Bowl in downstate O'Fallon.

Oak Lawn coach Kevin McKeown said the two are special--in many ways.

"What stands out most about these two individuals is just how talented they are at such a young age," McKeown said.  "With all the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors that I've had, the skill that these two gentlemen have here is something that I rarely seen."

Campin has been bowling since he was 5 years old because his brother and his parents bowled. He said he used to play volleyball, but preferred bowling because it was more fun.

VandeWerken said he picked up bowling because he watched his father bowl while he was growing up. He is also a member of the cross country team but is more fond of bowling.

"It's easier," VandeWerken said. "You don't have to do as much as cross country, and I don't have to run like eight miles a day."

McKeown said Campin and VandeWerken will make a lasting impression on Oak Lawn's bowling team.

"They're a huge part of our varsity team," McKeown said. "They will always be a huge part of this varsity team. I just love watching them when they're on and they're focused and they're having a good time. They're hard to beat."


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